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At 12:42pm on November 7, 2009, Angela Thomas said…
Hello Martha,
I would love to connect with you.
At 9:11pm on November 3, 2009, Marie Brewer said…
Hi Martha, Thanks so much for the support. I have visited your site and would be glad to work with you. Marie
At 6:36pm on November 3, 2009, Marie Brewer said…

Hi Martha, Congrats on your award and success! Sharing your knowledge shows that you have a sweet human spirit! "The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but reveal to them their own." Benjamin Disraeli Blessings galore..... Marie

"It’s Crunch Time!”, This is a new children’s book by Marie Brewer ( for the link to book) This is my book of muscle for boys (ages 9-12) to point them in the direction of HOPE!...This is an interactive book where they can write about their feelings. It discusses acceptable behavior, honesty, good self-image, respect for females and animals, appreciation for teachers/school, choosing good friends. The book also talks about resisting gangs, guns, drugs, violence, alcohol and bad influences. Let's attack the behavior, not the boy. "It's Crunch Time!" , by Marie Brewer, Be a part of the village to help our boys envision their true God-given purpose!
We can turn this thing around! SEE! THINK ! ACT!
Heaven gives us hope! Marie Brewer
At 2:14pm on October 29, 2009, Terry Johnson said…
Hi Martha, and congratulations on the book, it looks interesting. I'm Terry from Chicago, a first time self published author using this site to network, and find out what others are doing to get their work exposed. My book is Comlok, Eye of the keeper, and check out my web page for a brief description. I've sold over 2,000 copies to date. Hope things are going well with your efforts!
At 11:48am on September 30, 2009, John Cmint said…
Hi Martha,

Congratulations on your novel, The Mayor's Wife Wore Sapphires and your "2007 Best New Author Award", what an awesome accomplishment! I just wanted to mention to you a website I built called It's for authors to promote their book. You do so by posting your book's first chapter, giving readers a peek into your book. The site is free and the list of books is growing, so please check it out. :) BTW, good luck with your book!

p.s. You can also check out this blog post on the Already Published Ning Network, I explain how to post your book. You can also learn more about the website there.

At 12:21pm on March 31, 2009, Duane Rhodes said…
please check out my wesite watch my book trailer thanks Duane
At 9:35pm on February 5, 2009, Tyora Moody, Tywebbin Creations said…
I'm coordinating a virtual tour this month. Check out Illusions Blog Tour with Wanda B. Campbell (February 1-28, 2009)



At 12:16pm on December 30, 2008, Sherlyn Powell said…
Congratulations on winning 2007 Best New Author Award. What an accomplishment.
Happy New Year.
At 6:12am on December 19, 2008, Lynn Serafinn said…
Hi Martha!
I am brand new to this site. Looking forward to connecting and sharing with you and others. You sound like you have had a fascinating life.

Warm wishes,
Lynn Serafinn
"The Garden of the Soul" Book site: (coming January 09)
My coaching site: (free book chapters available here)
At 8:28pm on September 29, 2008, Gina McGowan Cade said…
Martha, just wanted to connect with you and say hello. Please take the time to read my bio. Thank you.
At 4:03pm on August 5, 2008, carol stanley said…
hey Martha: You are doing good! to hear of people willing to keep going...carol
At 12:06pm on August 1, 2008, Graham Odenyo said…

At 8:16pm on June 26, 2008, Sandy said…
Hi Martha,

I'll def check out your websites and glean everything I can. It can be mind-boggling...especially if you think you've got a good manuscript that has a good main character which could easily bring about sequels. I've already begun thinking about the "Chapter Two" in the series. I'm VERY critical of my own work, so believe me when I say that this is THE ONLY thing I've written which I think deserves everything I can do to "give it life." I'm sure you understand that. I wish I were more of a screen-play writer, because I "see" my book in movie terms (but maybe that's the way it is with all writers)'s constantly playing in my head.

Much appreciation on your taking the time to give some input!

At 8:15pm on June 26, 2008, Sandy said…
Thanks for your encouragement, Martha. I see we have the same "taste" in least in your most recent book. Nice to befriend you.

At 8:14am on June 24, 2008, Donna Kafer said…
Hi Martha,

I thought I would stop by and say hello...your photo portrays a very strong individual. I just had to read about you and see who you are...perhaps it was the political edge I recognized. Your confidence shows and I like to see women who embrace who they are in life!

Take care!

At 8:30am on April 30, 2008, Linton Robinson said…
With your background in politics, you might get a kick out of a scene I still recall from The Porkchoppers.

A labor leader is calling on a black Chicago activist named Indigo Boone, who sort of specializes in "stealing elections". He's standing in a room decorated in tans, browns, mochas--the centerpiece of one wall is a framed letter from John F. Kennedy thanking Boone for his help in the 1960 election campaign.
The labor guy reads the letter carefully, nods, and thinks. "That letter is the only white thing in this room. Could be Brother Boone is trying to tell us something?"
At 7:44pm on April 29, 2008, Cabo Bob said…
That sounds really interesing, Martha. I assume with the SCal, polit thriller thing you're hip to Ross Thomas. But in case not, you should check him out soon.
The Pork Choppers (union politics) would probably be up your alley, as well as much of his SoCal stuff like Fourth Durango, Chinaman's Chance, etc.

Have fun on this site.

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