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At 2:11pm on June 14, 2009, Karen Kennedy said…
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At 4:57am on March 17, 2009, Bert Martinez said…
Hello, I'm Bert Martinez, I'm looking to network with success minded authors. If you would like my free report 30 Strategies for Selling More Books just fill out the form below. I look forward to networking with you and if there is anything that I can help you with please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Bert Martinez

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At 8:12am on January 28, 2008, P. M. Morris said…
Great to hear from you!

Where do I start? I am in the final stages of launching the signature book bag for the Author Book Bag Club (ABBC) @ I am completing the manuscript for my sophmore project the sequel to "Me Time" slated for release Fall 2008. I have just signed on to host a workshop series in February at Kennedy King College here in Chicago, entitled: The First Time Out: Testimonies of a Self Publisher. It is a How To series on how to jumpstart your publishing career. I recently started a new assignment at my part time gig, at the airport...Need I say more.
Oh yeah, I have been working non-stop since Thanksgiving straight through the entire holiday season. But the good news is I will be taking some "Me Time" and shooting down to Miami/San Juan to relax and pen a couple more chapters next week. Whew...It makes me tired just thinking about all that I do. Nonetheless, I love the excitement and energy and would not change it for the world!
Anytime I wake up on this side of heaven with my sound mind, body and soul, I will not hesitate to work towards all that the Lord has stored up for me!

How about yourself? How have you been fairing these past couple of months?

Continued blessings, and as always...

Happy Reading!
At 2:32am on January 28, 2008, Susan Cook-Jahme said…
Hi P.M.,
Just popping in to say “Hi” and see what you have been up to lately!
Visit the storefront where I sell my books:

Africa’s Amazing ABC (children’s)

African Dust on the Soles Of my Feet (poetry)
At 10:12pm on January 1, 2008, Eliz Joyner said…
Happy New Year. Hope 2008 gives you continued success.

At 2:17pm on December 22, 2007, Lutishia Lovely said…
At 9:02am on December 22, 2007, Pastor Sharon Billington said…
I send you greetings of peace and love from the rest of the family. They, like I, are always with you and never leave or forsake you. The angels and the rest of us want you to know how precious you are to us.

When I agreed to give up my divinity and be born in the flesh, I did so very willingly. I looked forward to the time when we, you and us, could all be together and share in everything that is. I looked forward to loving you, hugging you, comforting you and encouraging you so that, when your life gets tough, you will feel secure and supported enough to face whatever you have to face. I looked forward to being the one you could rely upon unconditionally for that strength, comfort and encouragement whenever and however you need it.

Not only that, I looked forward to sharing with you that we created you to love you, and that we so hoped and desired that you would love us back. We want you in our life, and we love it when you want us in yours. It was so exciting when I could turn to my disciples and expand our relationship to include friendship and true fellowship. I offer that friendship and fellowship to you today as well, and I look forward to your inviting me into your life in that way.

You can see there are many reasons why I came in the flesh so many years ago. There’s more! I also wanted to set you free from thoughts and behaviors that hurt you emotionally and spiritually. If you were hurt by people or experienced hard times in your life and lost things like your health, relationships, or your way of life because of disaster or unemployment, I wanted to give you the tips and tools as well as the encouragement to recover emotionally and spiritually from who or what hurt you so you could have the kind of life I want you to enjoy.

Most of you understand why I sacrificed my life for you and what an act of love that was. It is my hope that this letter will help you understand how very much more my life and ministry were to accomplish. I look forward to expanding our relationship now and forever.

Joyfully, Jesus

Copyright Encouraging Words Ministries 2007, All Rights reserved
At 2:50pm on December 19, 2007, Efia Leatham said…
What is mgroupmanagment? And what is it that they do?
At 2:40pm on December 19, 2007, Efia Leatham said…
Hi P.M.,
Thanks for the request. Congrats on all that you have achieved. I look forward to building the connection He has laid forth. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

At 2:32pm on December 18, 2007, Dwan Abrams said…
Nice to meet you. I wish you success with your writing and publishing endeavors.

Best wishes,
At 8:22am on December 12, 2007, Karen A. Lynch said…
Thank you for visiting my website. We have lots of new things coming soon. Just check the scroll bar for the latest additions to the website.

Ron Howard and Universal Studios optioned Decision for Disaster; Betrayal at the Bay of Pigs. They held the option for three years until a glitch in the production of the script caused the movie to fall out of the production schedule and then their interest turned to other projects.

We have people express interest all the time. But, we will only sell an option to someone who won't rewrite the history we corrected to suit Oliver Stone comes to mind.

I have not marketed The Game of Lies as yet for the screen. It still sells well via our website.

Again, thanks for your visit to, come back often, and have a Very Happy Holiday.
At 4:05pm on December 11, 2007, Kelly Komm said…
Hi! Nice to meet you!
At 1:38pm on December 8, 2007, Karen A. Lynch said…
Thank you for the invitation. I look forward to discussing book marketing options with you. Please check out my website Have a very Happy Holiday and and a most successful New Year.
At 2:35pm on December 5, 2007, Terri Locklear said…
Thanks for the invitation. It's nice to have friends to share and discuss common goals with.
Have a Merry Christmas!
Terri Locklear
At 7:34am on December 5, 2007, Mark David Gerson said…
Thanks for the invitation. Great to have you as part of my book family here.

Mark David
At 6:57am on December 4, 2007, Dr. Marlena Corcoran said…
By the way, Amazon's own Booksurge started as an authors' initiative.
At 6:57am on December 4, 2007, Dr. Marlena Corcoran said…
Glad to add you as a friend--especially as I am looking for advice for a new POD adventure. Does anyone know a good POD publisher in Germany? I am pretty sure this is the right route for this project, which will need to be revised before it is ready for a regular print run.
At 5:38am on November 30, 2007, Mary J. Dressel said…
Thank you for your Congratulations! Have a great weekend!

At 5:52pm on November 27, 2007, Jim Misko said…
P.M.--if you are going to self publish be sure you have the right people lined up and can pay for it. If it is a run of 3,000 or so books, you can get it done for about $2 to $3 a book depending on size, but if you take it to a POD outfit you are going to look at $8 to $10 a book.Let me know if you want any advice. e-mail me at and we can discuss each step. May it go well with you. Jim
At 1:54pm on November 27, 2007, Elizabeth Alan said…
Thank you for invite and its so nice to have friends. I look forward to getting to know more about you and your works.


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