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At 9:50pm on July 14, 2009, Freya R said…
Hi Todd

Do stop by when you have a moment to check out our free book marketing tool - BookBuzzr. (

BookBuzzr is a page-flipping application that is more suited for marketing books online. BookBuzzr comes with the built-in ability to share your book-extract on over 60 social networking and bookmarking sites such as Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Digg, Delicious etc.

We'd love it if you'd take a look at our tool and share your thoughts.

Freya [at] bookbuzzr [dot] com

PS - Sorry for this message if you already use BookBuzzr, but please help us tell others and spread the benefit!
At 6:56am on March 19, 2009, Bert Martinez said…
Hello, I'm Bert Martinez, I'm looking to network with success minded authors. If you would like my free report 30 Strategies for Selling More Books just fill out the form below. I look forward to networking with you and if there is anything that I can help you with please do not hesitate to contact me.

You Were Created to Succeed!

Bert Martinez

For Email Marketing you can trust
At 6:02pm on March 2, 2008, Linton Robinson said…
Hi, Tedd,
Let me suggest that you take a look at a new at this link.

It's not mine, but I'm trying to spread the word so that it grows into a good resource. You can put a free promo link there and could probably contribute some of your experiences with this book.
Thanks for the invite
At 5:48pm on March 2, 2008, SusieSunshine said…
Thank you, Todd for inviting me to be in your circle of friends.
Blessings from my spirit to your spirit!
At 5:53pm on February 3, 2008, Shara Smock said…
Hi Todd,

Susan Haley sent me. I just stopped by to see what you're up to and to let you know about Florida Writers Assn. It's national too!


* Quarterly issue of The Florida Writer magazine.

* Extra exposure for your writing by submission of articles and poems to the Florida Writer newsletter.

* A link to your website on the FWA website.

* The opportunity to interact with other writers by attending Writers Group meetings in your area.

* The opportunity to attend and participate in the annual FWA Conferences.

* Even more exposure for you as writer through participation in the annual Awards Program for published and unpublished writers.

* Access to MEMBERS-ONLY e-group where members share publishing, writing, and marketing tips..

* Special members-only rates on advertising in The Florida Writer magazine.

* The opportunity to participate in FWA-sponsored book signing and promotional events held throughout the year.

* Leadership opportunities as a Writers Group Leader, Regional Director or FWA officer.

* SPEAKING Opportunities!

Hope you check out the site and consider joining!

FWA Secretary
At 9:53am on December 25, 2007, alice mighty said…
check out my poem.
At 9:31am on December 22, 2007, Pastor Sharon Billington said…
I send you greetings of peace and love from the rest of the family. They, like I, are always with you and never leave or forsake you. The angels and the rest of us want you to know how precious you are to us.

When I agreed to give up my divinity and be born in the flesh, I did so very willingly. I looked forward to the time when we, you and us, could all be together and share in everything that is. I looked forward to loving you, hugging you, comforting you and encouraging you so that, when your life gets tough, you will feel secure and supported enough to face whatever you have to face. I looked forward to being the one you could rely upon unconditionally for that strength, comfort and encouragement whenever and however you need it.

Not only that, I looked forward to sharing with you that we created you to love you, and that we so hoped and desired that you would love us back. We want you in our life, and we love it when you want us in yours. It was so exciting when I could turn to my disciples and expand our relationship to include friendship and true fellowship. I offer that friendship and fellowship to you today as well, and I look forward to your inviting me into your life in that way.

You can see there are many reasons why I came in the flesh so many years ago. There’s more! I also wanted to set you free from thoughts and behaviors that hurt you emotionally and spiritually. If you were hurt by people or experienced hard times in your life and lost things like your health, relationships, or your way of life because of disaster or unemployment, I wanted to give you the tips and tools as well as the encouragement to recover emotionally and spiritually from who or what hurt you so you could have the kind of life I want you to enjoy.

Most of you understand why I sacrificed my life for you and what an act of love that was. It is my hope that this letter will help you understand how very much more my life and ministry were to accomplish. I look forward to expanding our relationship now and forever.

Joyfully, Jesus

Copyright Encouraging Words Ministries 2007, All Rights reserved
At 7:01pm on December 11, 2007, Susan Haley said…
Hello again, Todd. You offered a great response to my question.
We have a group of authors at Infintiy Publishing that have instituted a great "Authors Helping Authors' program. We all carry the information for each other on our websites and we have teams that help each other with local stuff. For example, my audio version of Rainy Day People was released in August and Infinity authors all over the USA got their local libraries to order it for their audio sections. They made personal requests as patrons of their local libraries. It worked. My audio is now in ten libraries from coast to coast that I surely couldn't have visited myself and the personal contact got so much better results than a promotional mail would have gotten. In turn, I took a book by another author, Lois Stern, who wrote a wonderful non-fiction book on the Cosmetic surgery experiences of 100 different woman and made personal calls on the Cosmetic Surgeons in my area with a promo package introducing her work here. I live in Florida and she lives in New York. And, we've ALL bought, not traded, bought, each others books one at a time. Authors helping authors can do a lot for all of us if people would get out of the 'me me me' modes that seem so prevelent with a lot of folks. I do a networking workshop at writers conferences and one of the priniciples I promote is in order to receive, you first must give. It works, too. Someone has to take the first step. Another thing that comes into play as well ,is a lot of folks, especially first time published authors, are shy and not good at 'selling' themselves. These folks can, on the other hand, enthusiastically 'sell' someone else. That works too. At a recent book festival, another author and myself were sharing a table. Just for an hour, we traded books. We each sold more of the other's books than we could sell of our own!! We got a huge laugh out of that. Plus, the added reward was that the customers really thought it 'cool' that we were helping each other and some bought BOTH of our books. I'll check out your profile and your books. And, if you'd like to see the author stuff on my site just visit the Rainy Day Room on And, I'm not selling anything there!! I offer the links to the sales sites like Amazon for all the books, but don't SELL any off my site including my own. I want my site to remain non-comercial as it has a Spiritual Ponderings section. Things of the Spirit there are offered for free.
Happy Holidays to you, Todd
At 6:16pm on December 5, 2007, Susan Haley said…
Hi Todd

I have a silly question. I'm curious and doing research on an article I'm writing. How and why do you pick your choices of who to 'invite for friends'. I've had a barrage of invites lately and wonder what triggered it. Then, will go for weeks and get none. Why do folks add friends anyway. Rarely is their any communication beyond the welcome and thank yous. And, it's long since been proven that authors don't support other authors by buying books. Any input for me?
Susan Haley
At 3:54pm on September 12, 2007, Malinda Mitchell said…
Hi Todd,

Thanks for the invitation to be your friend. I gladly accept your invitation. I wish you the best of luck with your writing and your book sales.

Best wishes,

At 3:50pm on September 12, 2007, Ane Mulligan said…
Thanks for th invite, Todd!
At 10:56am on September 12, 2007, Liz Wilson said…
Thanks for the invite!
At 12:58am on August 23, 2007, ceci miller said…
Hi Todd,
Well I'm biased, since I'm a book development editor and publishing consultant. So I tend to think no one should take a nonfiction manuscript to an agent before I've seen it! To answer your question, typically agents don't work with you to edit, although some will make general suggestions they expect you to implement. I like your book concept and would be happy to help. If you'd like to bring it to me first, we usually begin with a one-hour consult at my hourly rate, and after I've given you as much info as you can stand in that hour you can decide whether you'd like to take the next step and have us take a more in-depth look at the manuscript. If you'd like a consult, email me at and we'll set it up! Blessings,
At 4:30pm on August 22, 2007, Lawrence Abiola Olaifa said…
So happy to recieve you invitation, glad to also read your corporate achievements, its such a great leap, I will be glad to also know more about you and your work.
At 12:09pm on August 22, 2007, Linore Rose Burkard said…
Hi Todd,
Thanks for the invite--it's nice to make new friends so quickly after joining, and I look forward to learning more about your book. While I'm a fiction (romance) author, I still enjoy relationships with all kinds of writers. Keep in touch!
Warm wishes,
Adding Romance to the book at a time
At 5:48pm on August 21, 2007, Donna Pampalone said…
Hi Todd,
Glad to make friends with you. I wish you well with your book and endeavors. I will visit your website, hope you will come visit me at mine.
The Adventures of Koco Koala & Friends
At 10:26pm on August 3, 2007, Eugene R. White said…
Hi Todd, thank you for viewing my blog. I to have a book out, you can view it at:, also I have another blog I hope you enjoy it. Eugene
At 6:10pm on August 3, 2007, Miriam Jacobs said…
Very nice to meet you. Much continued success!
At 7:36am on August 3, 2007, ceci miller said…
Hi Todd,
Love your book concept. I agree that one of the main reasons professionals aren't "getting where they want to go" is that they're trying to make it a one-person climb. Combining the strengths and support of a team makes perfect sense, and I'm grateful for folks like you willing to share what you've learned. Hats off! Great advice to join PMA. I recommend that all my author clients join, once we've worked their manuscript into a great read and packaged it so that it's irresistible to readers in their target market. You can see some of our most recent projects on the Book Credits page at

By the way, I'm originally from Texas and lived in Austin for 6 years before coming to Seattle. Say hello to Barton Springs for me!

Warm wishes for your continued success,
At 5:03am on July 26, 2007, Bea Vanni said…
Organization is key whether blogging your book or just writing it .
1. Always think about what your target audience wants to know and give yourself the "so what" test. 2. Narrow your categories as much as possible because then when you begin to put your posts together, you'll be able to find them easier and organize them better and quicker.
3. Ensure you give your blog book a working title for your draft and test the real titles before publication.
4. Create your table of contents, so you will know what blog posts are most valuable for your book. You can create several different books targeted to various audiences or one aspect of something.
5. Ensure you organize your material in one place: one folder, notebook, computer file...
6. Remember there are more parts to the book than just your posts, so start collecting it now. Front and back matter such as copyright page, publisher info, dedication or acknowledgements, foreword or introduction, short & long bio, testimonials, book order form, editing, ISBN and barcode, if wanted...
7. You'll do most of the marketing, so begin now with a website or blog page just to market your book and build a list of people who may buy it.
8. Include others, get others to market for you to help build your list, and create a sample report on the subject or give a sample chapter for people to read. Marketing should be done now not later.
9. Get a good photo of yourself. So many people neglect this and end up with a photo that turns people away.
10. Hire me to critique or edit your book. I just had to market myself a little.
I could give lots more tips, but when I work with someone, I ensure they are aware of all the things that go into a good product. Let me know if you have any other questions about publishing. Best wishes on the success of your book.

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