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Jesper 'papillon'
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Something About Me and My Book:
No written book finished yet.
Questions :

1. What was the White Light and why did it exist?

2. What was the Soul Construct and why did it exist?

3. What was enlightenment and why did it exist?

4. What are emotions?

5. What are feelings?

6. What are the dimensions?

7. What are Demons?

8. What is 3D?

9. What is existence?

10. What are systems?

11. What is the Living Word?

12. What does it mean to direct Self and what is Self?

13. What is HERE?

14. How was psychics and channels controlled and why?

15. The process of Birthing Self?

16. What are refractions?

17. What does it mean to be a slave to consciousness?

18. What is an interdimensional portal?

Answers :

1. What was the White Light and why did it exist?

Originally when man was created, we were solely created for the purpose of enslavement by a race of beings called the Annunaki. They created the mind construct that consists as our entire body to ensure that we as human beings could be controlled and directed as slaves. The Annunaki were a race that enslaved other beings due to how manipulative and deceitful they were, so that they could have slaves to always ensure that their world were prepared and taken care of – with gold provided to them from human beings as slaves from earth. That is basically what we are doing to our world: We are creating an enslavement environment for them, which they were planning on visiting again one day. They were power hungry beings that go about preparing entire planets so that they are able to enjoy its resources, so you are able to imagine how entertaining this planet was for them. You are able to read more about the Annunaki to get an understanding of who they were.

As you are aware your mind is reliant on the direction of an outside source to ‘tell' you what and how to function as. Throughout your existence you have always relied on either; society, religion or your genetics to dictate your actions as behaviours of other beings around you within your environment which you copied and moulded to become your own – defining in this way your consciousness personality. When the Annunaki created us they placed within the entire design of our mind consciousness, the desire and need for this direction induced by others - to remain slaves to others in power and control instead of all as one existing in equality. What they then created was the entire White Light construct to support this. The White Light construct was a conscious implant and manifestation within our consciousness (mind) that was to be the master control point behind the Annunaki's enslavement and control. The White Light was firstly placed within each being as the entire mind set around ‘I will serve you only O' Great White Light/Master' - that then being how the White Light consciousness system of the Annunaki enslaved us. This being consciousness manifestation of the idea of oneness and equality – the White Light systems was one system within human beings consciousness wherein all remained equally enslaved and controlled by this one system. Dividing races and religions to keep us occupied in believing that there is a higher purpose for our existence. Everything that you participate with comes from the White Light, from religion, to society to politics. Everything that is man made come from this structure of control and manipulation. A perfect prison was created where everyone could believe that they were free all the while every thought and every deed was pre-programmed in exact precision to ensure the ultimate goal of enslavement. This enslavement started many millions of years ago. Now of course, we are slaves to everything that they have placed within this world, as the race of beings that created man kind were planning on ensuring our enslavement to be properly in place for when they returned. So within each is placed an entire network of consciousness based on being enslaved called the White Light. Then what they required was for us, to always be guided and directed so that we could be kept enslaved. Now the very interesting thing that happened was that as I'm explaining to you about the history (briefly) you'll understand that there were particular beings that were created (originally) to bring forth human evolution and to ensure that we remain as one enslaved unified system. Jesus being sent to earth is an example of such a being (amongst many). He was enslaved to ensure that the enslavement of mankind was kept in place – this Jesus was not even aware of as he was deceived by the White Light. So what sounds to you like Jesus on a cloud was in fact the White Light manipulating the truth of Jesus' experience here on earth designing his words into a religion of separation being followed by billions to this day. Jesus will be soon correcting his own history to bring forth the truth of what really happened while he was on earth and the true reason for why he came in the first place. Keep in mind that Jesus (amongst many) had come to give us specific direction and we're a part of a group of beings originally created to ensure that oneness and equality stands within this world. The consciousness of the White Light ensured that his words were miss-represented – creating a religion instead of what was supposed to be experience as the becoming of human beings as the living word as who each really are. There are many ways in which enslavement functions, carrying a signature of the White Light; beauty, glamour, status, enrichment, enlightenment, power; all names of different games to be played to keep the humans eternally busy. All these games designed so that no one may wake up and ask the questions that may stop enslavement. If you would dare to ask these questions the White Light made sure that all your support would be removed. Now what I mean with support is actually a dichotomy at the moment, because to live in this 3D world you actually have to participate in the systems already designed by the White Light construct. That means you require money to buy food, shelter, clothes etc. And if you dare oppose the already structured way of how this world is put together by the White Light, your world ultimately has to fall apart because the White Light would not support you in your endeavor. It remains a dichotomy because we actually only require support from ourselves in order to live in this 3D world, but we made slaves of ourselves. The White Light became a living consciousness ever evolving as we were evolving; creating traps so vast that even we forgot who we were. It created the need for it to exist and we believed that we needed it. Other than the conscious aspect of the White Light an interesting thing occurred within human evolution. Once we started thinking about our own need and requirement for this ‘White Light' to always direct us (consciousness) it then placed itself (with assistance of the Annunaki) as an actual construct that could enslave us even further once we died. So they created heaven. Heaven was placed so that once you pass over you could once again be directed and controlled before you were sent back to earth into a new body. Within heaven was placed Masters (that directed everything), angels, demons, guides and so forth. So therefore when you ask where is God they simply inform you to look at what has been created in this world and then look at how cleverly we have been enslaved. So, to put the White Light into context: There were 27 masters (dimensional beings programmed by the creators) in heaven that directed mankind with mind consciousness, religion, money, fear, control and sex. They placed within us thoughts, feelings, desires and the need for global leadership. They utilized all these heavenly beings (including demons) as well as placing more and more systems (implants into the human body) that would support further enslavement and control. If you were to understand (which will be explained) who we really are (who we were originally created as) then you will come to understand that we don't require anybody to lead, direct or control us. We are able to exist within and as oneness and equality. It was due to trust that we allowed ourselves to be enslaved. We have allowed ourselves to place our trust in consciousness systems as who we have become – a system designed in the image and likeness of separation and fear of loss. With placing our trust into something outside ourselves – human beings on earth have for some time now no longer been able to trust each other at all. Trust in this world had been transformed into deceit and manipulation. I realize your main concern is why are we not able to just enjoy religion and a belief in higher beings? Well I am asking you to understand that we are the highest beings and there is nothing higher than us – where all stand within and as oneness and equality within existence. If you place your belief in something apparently higher outside of yourself – you allow and accept enslavement – this is the application of enslavement within separation. It seems somewhat impossible to believe, I know looking at the current status of the world. This however is the product of our enslavement and deliberate de -humanising of man kind, leading to further requirements to be directed, enslaved and controlled. We were not created to become what we are now. All are equal, Jesus, Buddha and so forth, it is just that these beings were allowed to express their full self as part of mans assistance. Therefore they ‘appear' to be above us, but we are in fact all equal and capable of so much more, if we stand as life and equality and we break the bonds of slavery once and for all. What is really the difference between ourselves and Jesus but the fact that Jesus lived his words as who he is, he applied and expressed himself as who he is and he came to earth as an example for all to see who they really are – that's it. We're all equal and one – the only difference exists within our application and expression of who we are in this moment on earth. The reason why we say the White Light was and not the White Light is is because we as the dimensions with assistance of the awareness of some humans on earth have managed to remove the entire construct dimensionally that stood as the White Light as well as the Masters who stood behind the system. No more Gods, demons, Ascended Masters, Angels and so forth. What we have realized is that such self-defined placements and positions as Gods, Masters and Angels were ideas within the White Light consciousness system - which stretched also within heaven - to ensure further enslavement of something or someone being more than who beings believe themselves to be on earth. This separation had to stop – and so we did. The existence of anything or anyone being more than another only exists within separation as consciousness which in turn allows for enslavement. Beings like Jesus, Osho, Buddha and many more are currently here on earth, standing with all the other dimensional beings bringing awareness to each of you. We in the dimensions (people that have passed over) have stood up as who we really in heaven and stand for all of existence in oneness and equality. What remains of the White Light is merely mind constructs as who human beings have become that require be recognizing and removing from consciousness. The White Light in essence has become so ingrained within human consciousness that human beings as who they are in this moment on earth have become manifestations of the White Light system – this is where heaven comes in to stop the final movement of consciousness on earth within human beings. Have a look at your behaviour as who you are in this moment and you will see separation, judgement, greed, desires, needs, wants, hopes, beliefs, thoughts, relationships, fear of loss – these are White Light constructs within the mind consciousness systems as who each human beings has become. Look at the status worldwide – separation, fear, control, dictatorship – earth and the experience of all within is designed and manifested in the image and likeness of the White Light system. You're all in it as it – that's why the dimensions are here to bring forth heaven on earth in the image and likeness of oneness and equality. The White Light construct is further explained in the example of the Soul Contract game as well as under the explanation of systems.

2. What was the Soul Construct and why did it exist?

The Soul Construct was the entire process placed within a soul's ascension to higher consciousness enlightenment. This was basically the placement of a soul system into a human body designed with many constructs and obstacles within (to ensure failure), to come to earth so that we apparently are able to ‘grow'. To apparently learn lessons, to apparently become enlightened, to apparently ascend etc – only having the ability to apparently achieve this with beliefs in greater powers as Masters or Gods etc. What this entailed was firstly the design of a human soul system preprogrammed to be on a path that would lead it to its maker (God/Master) – depending which belief or religion you've been enslaved within. The original soul system does not even begin to describe who we really are as it was a representation or copy of our entire being according to the enslavement model. Within the soul system within human being's physical body as what they believe themselves to be – was designed the fear (which became our conscious fear) of God – in truth the fear of who we really are. As long as the fear of who we really are exist – we'll never go beyond the fear of ourselves to find the truth – but instead remain enslaved within the White Light mind consciousness system. Within the design of the soul system as who each human being has become was the belief of some greater power outside of who each human being really is which allowed for the existence of beliefs and religions which are followed by many to this day. The soul system supports separation – so you believe yourself to be a soul with everything else it entails based on information and knowledge as experiences of others – the soul construct in its entirety was based in separation. Most human beings who believe in the soul construct existence and experience – experience this has who they are because they were pre-programmed to when the soul system was implanted within their human physical body connected to their mind consciousness system. Through this acquiring and ensuring further separation and enslavement. It was originally through the creation of the soul's transcendence journey how the White Light managed to control man kind. First was placed a need, desire and want for guidance and leadership, then was placed a fear of something greater than us where we perceive ourselves inferior and unworthy of its presence and therefore the soul construct was placed within each being. This is the base foundation principle as the design of the soul system and soul construct. The White Light required placing a soul system through which human beings as apparent souls move so that they are always able to be directed. This system came in two forms: One was the soul system placed within the physical body, connected to the mind consciousness whereby we were constantly reminded that God/ Masters/Higher Forces exists outside of us and that we are reliant on their mercy as guidance and direction for our survival (basic subliminal messaging). The second is the soul construct was within the dimensions (heaven). It consisted of your soul's journey/ascension/enlightenment once it reached the pearly gates/ dimensional planes and how your soul always strove to ‘better itself' – through apparently ascending through planes of existence. The soul system in essence was merely a preprogrammed copy of our true selves designed by the White Light, which it will never get to see God/Masters unless it transcended everything possible. Now this as you are aware of possess a big problem for the human being. Not only are we not able to stand within this requirement as they never allowed us to overcome anything (which I'll explain), but if ever you did become aware of your transcendence they would erase your memory once you reached heaven/the dimensions. Are you able to remember all your other transcendences, every single one of them through all your previous lives? Now here is why you could never transcend human behaviour or who you have become here on earth: If indeed you were aware that the human nature was not what the essence of the soul system stood for and you strove to eradicate such horrendous actions, thoughts and behaviours the White Light would ensure that your mind consciousness was upgraded to ensure that you always remained enslaved. In other words – if you were ever to discover the truth of the soul system and soul construct while either within dimension or earth – your consciousness will either be upgraded to ensure you do not ask further questions or your memory or presence will be completely swiped. Yes – within the dimensions such ability did exist – where you then will not remember anything you've experienced and you'll be sent for recycling back to earth to ensure you remain enslaved. Let us use an example of your basic: “I am now overcoming or not allowing greed” life transcendence points. You one day realize that ‘spiritually' greed is not of who you are (according to the soul's requirements) and you do everything possible to transcend the allowance and application of greed. You pray, meditate, worship, change your behaviour or participation within this world - whichever form your beliefs take you to. Once you have reached the essence of your understanding in terms of becoming a being who's apparently transcended greed then the White Light would place within you further constructs based on your own transcendence to ensure further reliance on the White Light. They could trap you faster than you are able to say fooled. Honestly when I look at what I have had to transcend instead of transcending the White Light itself I am only able to cry - sending all within endless cycles of apparent ascension which leads to nowhere except further enslavement. They would take your transcendence awareness and connect their one power source (in the form of systems – how it is fed globally) to it. Meaning, once you became aware that greed was in fact not of who you really are they then (cleverly) went and within that connected so that now you were not only feeding them (as a global consciousness) but also bringing into consciousness the next set of behaviours, that will then again become part of the global consciousness. Remember the beings (the Annunaki) that created us created our desire to transcend and learn more about our ‘maker'. Therefore they knew exactly how to entrap each being into further enslavement. Each being has been specifically designed to feed this world's masters and systems, therefore something which you consider transcendence within the vocabulary of consciousness - is all a lie. So, let's say the White Light required globally for all beings to feed the system of greed all they do is they implant the desire, need and want for more within you plus on the other side of the scale they then create beings that go against as resistance to greed to ensure that the exact same global greed system remain fed. See – the soul system and construct was designed in polarity – no matter which way you turn within your behaviour of application – you will always feed some form of system – if not the exact same one you have endeavored to transcend . Have a look: This being who's apparently transcended greed because it's not who they are according to the soul requirement delegation – they do not transcend, but in essence transform their change in behaviour and application regarding greed – to resistance. Resisting that which is apparently not of the way a soul is supposed to exist and participate within the world – you're in essence then still feeding the system of greed globally due to your resistance of such an application. That which you resist persists. Whether you are greedy, apply and participate within it or whether you resist greed within your application and participation – you still remain feeding the exact same system you've perceived you've transcended. This I could talk about all day but basically it comes down to the soul system being moved from body to body through reincarnation (already implanted with all information which consist of memories and experiences of the beings' participation in previous lives) with a particular transcendence required and if you don't transcend you must do it again, keeping you in a continuous loop within all your lives here on earth. If you do manage to transcend you become enslaved to further rules within consciousness (e.g. Then you'll always fear and worry about greed as the experience of the resistance thereof). The soul construct took on various forms as well. The first was of course as I have explained the poor soul striving for thousands of lives to meet its maker or becoming of worth and value through ascension. Let me just add that we have no more soul systems or constructs (copies) just our own self in our dimensional form (who we are in essence minus human physical bodies). The second was the enslavement of the soul once it got to heaven. How many times have I seen myself being enslaved once I got to those gates/dimensional planes? I would stand there in awe of these majestic heavenly beings and they would simply tell me where to from there. I would either end up being a demon or a Guide or a Master; I was once even an Angel! One moment they require implanting consciousness information into you so that you go to earth as an Angel or Guide and 100 years later they turn you into something else – whichever they prefer you to be or do. You are either the Angel or demon creating further fear and dependency on God/Masters or they send you into a body where you feed consciousness by living within the fear and control of some higher force or power - all this done to keep the ‘soul' enslaved and none the wiser. Each and every construct that is in the form of a belief and religion and your ‘new- aged' way of thinking has been preprogrammed within a soul system as who human beings have become, supporting the soul construct existence. Now of course the soul system and soul construct have been removed and destroyed and no longer exist. We in heaven/dimensions have stood up and realized who we really are as awareness, equality and oneness. We are no longer supporting, allowing or accepting any and all systems and constructs of separation within and as consciousness. Still this idea about the existence of a soul remain within the consciousness minds of human beings as who they have become and it is now up to each and every human (with the assistance of the dimensions) to let go of the pre-programmed information. To allow all to become who we really are without the control and enslavement of the soul system and construct.

3. What was enlightenment and why did it exist?

Enlightenment is a fancy word that the White Light placed for those who are on a path towards becoming some higher force or being as a God/Master to which they are entitled to achieve through attainment and the understanding of ones own destiny (supposedly as a spiritual being). If you considered yourself enlightened you basically, like with any other self proclaimed religious or spiritual conviction, made the ultimate statement that the White Light has you under their spell. To be enlightened in essence doesn't actually mean diddly squat. It means however to the White Light that you are its humble servant because no matter what, you will always be its slave. If it means jumping off a cliff to ensure you're closer to your spirit self (the pre-programmed White Light copy) then that is what enlightened people do. If enlightenment is the self awareness through self understanding and the realization of who we are, then perhaps one is able to call your self enlightened from the White Light. Are you enlightened because you have accepted what the White Light tells you about God/Masters/Enlightened One's and Spirit and all things holy, or are you aware that you are God therefore you in essence are not able to become enlightened, therefore all you strive for is to understand. To strive for something out there has White Light written all over it and to strive to better yourselves through worthiness or value give the White Light many chances for your enslavement. You are all that is, therefore all that you actually require to understand is here already as who you really are. All the books exist within you; all the deeds are yours already. Awareness of everything as yourself is all that exists. Becoming aware is rather what I would call the experience of each person as who they really are, the understanding and internalization of self. Enlightenment is to accept the information pre-described by others in the form of the White Light as who you are. “I have just understood what that person said I should be, I have just done exactly what that person told me to do, therefore I have enlightened myself”, is basically what people are saying, almost like a statement of: “Well done, you got what that person told you to do!” Enlightenment goes hand in hand with the soul system and soul construct existence. Having human beings believe themselves to have go on some spiritual journey/ path of attainment – reaching the destination of enlightenment – where you apparently become something profound or great – something that you weren't before you started the journey or path of enlightenment. You are as each are already the light – the light of yourself here in every moment as awareness. There is no fucking journey or path – you're it, here, all you require is to accept yourself, live and apply in every moment who you really are – simple! Yet – enlightenment and many other attainment or ascension programs were designed within the model of the soul system to ensure the certainty of human being remaining busy with themselves within this world. In this way never in their life time – or any other life for that matter – find the truth as who they are – here in every moment. It even stretched within the dimensions where dimensional planes were designed to support the system of enlightenment, ascension and attainment – where you'd apparently ascended to a higher plane in the dimensions when you specifically achieve what was necessary to be applied and followed and then as reward you move to a higher plane – that's it. The journey of enlightenment consisted of attainment as applications within dimensional planes and ascension as movement through different planes with destination and reward as enlightenment. All in the dimensions have removed such and all dimensional planes – we are here on earth only with human beings supporting them in their process of becoming who they are here in every moment as awareness. We have removed all constructs of systems such as enlightenment through ascension and attainment within the dimensions. All that remain is who we are within and as equality and oneness – here in awareness.

4. What are emotions?

Emotions - together with thoughts, feelings, pictures, ideas – the mind in general was placed within each being so that we are able to be controlled and directed and never stand clear as free individuals – free from consciousness. Imagine yourself not experiencing any emotions within your participation in this world amongst others? Imagine what would happen when you state I desire, need or want nothing? Would anybody or anything be able to control or direct you? When the White Light was placed within each being's basic neurological system as mind consciousness systems (your neurology that directs you), at the same time as a generator (to move you) was placed all emotions. That way you are always feeding consciousness which then in turn feeds the constructs linked to our enslavement (systems, the White Light and global consciousness). What I am stating here specifically is that if you allow yourself to delve into the mind and participate within emotions – you are constantly feeding the mind consciousness system within you, giving this all your power to remain enslaved and controlled by consciousness systems as what you become. When our enslavement occurred the mind consciousness was placed within each being, the construct of emotion as power generator of the mind consciousness was placed to ensure that we are always able to be controlled. Imagine a world without emotions? Imagine for one moment you could stand infinitely without anything moving you and directing you within and as who you are. That is where the human looses each and every time, because they have a dependency on something outside themselves because we are encouraged by emotions, we move through emotions, we direct ourselves through emotions. We are taught by our parents through following their example of how to experience ourselves within this world – how to survive, defend and protect ourselves through reactive behaviours such as emotions. All taught, followed and learned mechanisms as our personality and behaviour of who we are which is based within the experience of ourselves as emotions. If I experience the emotional expression of anger then I want to either feed my anger even more, meaning I will then do whatever it takes to attach more emotions to my anger by instigating it even more – turning the experience of emotion into an addiction of sorts by finding ways to justify the reactive behaviour. Or I strive to alleviate anger by thinking thoughts of peace – initiating in this way the suppression of emotions instead of finding the true cause and reason for the reactive behaviour by example anger to not again allow myself to return to such reactive behaviour patterns. Either way it tends to create a new set of emotions around either anger or peace, generating more and more for our own enslavement. Because the more suppression is allowed – inevitably the expression of anger will be quite an explosive event. Are you a being experience reactive expressions as emotional behaviour patterns such as anger for instance or are you just constant, here, therefore nothing moves you as who you are, neither polarity as outside events drawing you toward experiencing further emotions through reactive expressions as emotions? You see as long as we have these emotions we are slaves to those that ‘play' our emotions. War will exist within this world due to the compound emotional reactive behaviours within all human beings in this world – attached to the global consciousness system. That which we are within – manifest without – the image and likeness of who we are is that which we are busy creating within this world. And if I honestly have to have a look – it's not saying much about who we are and what's going on within ourselves. Isn't is possible that those who specifically experience war, murder, violence etc. are merely outer manifestations of examples of that which we allow and accept within ourselves within this world. Instead of understanding their reasons or assisting them – we design protection establishments against such actions and through this justifying and denying that which exist within us portrayed within the outside world. In turn assist us in remaining within our emotional reactive behaviours feeding consciousness systems instead of doing something about it to once and for all stop such emotional behaviour expressions and stop the feeding of consciousness systems. Because we have defined ourselves as emotional reactive behaviours – we wish to remain within it and use justification to do so. Therefore when the president declares war for instance we either agree or disagree based on our attachment to a particular emotion as a self defined belief of what is right and what is wrong based on our upbringing as a child. Same within everything that exists in this world, we base on our emotional attachment; therefore you are able to be controlled and directed by something outside of yourself through emotional reactive behaviour. The minute someone or something has the ability to move or direct you according to your emotion you have to become aware of the fact that they have just trapped you. Are you directing yourself or are you being directed? Emotions are but energetic experiences as the generator and power source of mind consciousness systems – the more you feed consciousness through your participation and allowance in reactive behaviours the more you become it and ingrain yourself within it.

5. What are feelings?

Feelings are the exact projections of any given emotion. Feelings such as love, peace, and harmony etc. – all the beautiful expression within human beings are but polarity expressions of emotions – designed derivatives from emotions to establish the experience of polarity within each human being on earth. Feelings as emotions are the same energetic expression as generator for the mind consciousness system. Designed within the mind consciousness system of human beings so each human being may always exist within the polarities of feelings and emotions, good and bad, right and wrong etc. to in this way remain enslaved and controlled within and as consciousness by the White Light. Never allowing them to remain here, constant in every moment where nothing moves within you, as who you are here in every moment. All emotion and feeling expressions are of mind consciousness system – energetic expressions which influence you through control and direction – this is what moves and direct human beings at the moment – feelings and emotions designed within mind consciousness system as what human beings have become. If you become emotional (angry, sad, fearful, anxious etc.) or experience feelings (love, desire, happiness etc.) – know that you are allowing yourself to be directed and controlled by consciousness as your mind as what you have defined yourself as.

6. What are the dimensions?

The dimensions are what you would refer to as heaven. A dimensional being existing within the dimensions has no physical construct – I'd refer to it as the ‘sprit' the essence of who each human being really is beyond consciousness system and the human physical body. It is the layer of existence within this reality where all beings that pass over exist, thereafter referred to as dimensional beings. The dimensions consist of the energetic sound that is able to allow for the dimensional being to exist within, basically a different frequency matter to that of your own body. When you die you shed your physical body, but who you are in essence remains here. This is largely due to who we are as the original being plus some highly evolved dimensional adaptations which have allowed us to break ourselves free from our White Light consciousness construct as well as becoming who we really are as here in awareness. By adaptation I am of course referring to our process of forgiveness within which we have released ourselves from consciousness system enslavement and control – allowing ourselves to stand up and not allow the existence of separation, enslavement and control within existence as who we are. We now stand within sound energetic and no longer as that of White Light consciousness systematic energy. The dimensions as such are most certainly not separate from earth, here, it is just on a different frequency. We as the dimensions walk amongst and with you all day long. In the dimensions we have no earthly structures as you have, yet we are able to integrate ourselves according to earth frequencies to be able to participate if we choose to do so. We as the dimensional beings have no use for earthly structures (what we call 3D) yet we do sometimes enjoy taking in the sights or simply channeling to come and have a chat and a cup of coffee. The dimensions is the realm in which the essence and presence of who each being really is exists – which is where I experience myself in this moment. Thus, as I have explained, when you die, you merely leave your human physical body as vessel which is allowing you to experience yourself in space and time here on earth – moving to the dimensions where you experience yourself as the presence and essence of who you really are in quantum time. You as the presence and essence as who you really are – is that which breathes life into and as your human physical body – when you leave, you as the breath of life within your human physical body remove yourself within and experience yourself within the dimensions.

7. What are Demons?

Do you remember when I explained to you about where emotions and thought come from? Well basically a demon is any being alive or dead that no longer is able to switch themselves off from their specific thoughts constructs and emotions. We perceive that a demon is a dead person only, yet I am able to tell you that in essence whether you're dead or alive the basic understanding within your mind consciousness design as a human being applies in both realities. If you're an emotionally charged angry being (alive) and you become obsessed by your anger as a self-defined expression then it eventually consumes you and then de-humanizes you. Demon/de-manned – is what I'd term the expression of demons as. Thereafter, when you cross over to the dimensions, you will then be no other than a demon. Demons as we all know, that exist in the dimensions are human beings as mind consciousness who at the moment of death yet again could not let go of their earthly obsessions as emotions and thoughts of who and what they had become and were - while still experiencing themselves one earth. This is how a demon is created: Human beings who throughout their lives become stuck in one thought application which they were to able to let go of as a self-defined construct of who and what they were on earth. They later on in their lives don't even realize how their entire existence has evolved around this one thought (usually generated by a singular emotion). Then when you die you pass over within this same thought and emotional construct and due to your anger for your own experience on earth you end up fighting with whomever you are able to due to how you have immense compound emotional energy as anger for instance that you need to express in the form of self-destruction. Self-destruction is somewhat complex when you're dead and you experience very little about who you are or what happens and become of you. If you are able to inflict pain and sufferings on the living then you are somewhat satisfied – the role demons played within the interference of human beings' experience of themselves. A demon is also only able to be a being that requires strength from other living beings; therefore possession is yet again not just for the dead. Anybody who requires possessing a person for their essence or drain and utilizing their strength will therefore fall into the category of a demon – using for instance superiority expressions on those that experience themselves as inferior and unworthy. The inferior and unworthy give the superior the power and control to be who they are and allow for abuse and manipulation. You see demons as we know them dimensionally were as a direct result of what they allowed or experienced when they lived on earth. Demons were beings lost within their own mind consciousness system – even when crossing over to the dimensions after their experience on earth. No-one, no beings in the dimensions had ever turned to support demons – instead they feared them, leaving them to infinitely be lost within their own thought and emotional construct system. To give you an example for instance: We still found Piet Retief within the demon dimension – still chasing after Zulu's which had passed over with him during the war they had participated within – after 200 years! There were for instance children who had passed over many years before – moving within the demon dimension asking and searching and looking for their parents – with no-one supporting them at all – no beings. Be as it may, demons are no longer around due to the fact that heaven (the dimensions) have assisted the demons and released them from their application. This was done about a year ago with the support of a group of people, we ensured that all beings lost and trapped in expressions such as demons experienced the process of forgiveness so they may set themselves free from that which enslaved them as one thought and emotional construct of which they had never been given any method of how to release themselves from it. If you know of anybody who claims to be experiencing demonic activity then look no further than the human mind.

8. What is 3D?

In common usage, a dimension is a parameter or measurement required to define the characteristics of an object— i.e. length , width , and height or size and shape . 3D is the terminology that we as the dimensions have given earth according to the structure of how earth is made up according to its measurement. When you are experiencing earth you are in fact in a 3D reality. Earth is 3 dimensional because of its structure. It consists of structures that are as the name describes, is able to be seen and experienced in all 3 dimensions. Your physical world therefore has been designed and structured according to these three parameters. 3D contains all 3 dimensions and is able to at any moment contain an object measured according to one dimension, but our perception and experience of this world is three dimensional. Within 3D as earth – consist the movement of space and time – where everything literally moves extensively slowly compared to dimensional movement with quantum time. 3D movement is like a tortoise whilst dimensions would be a jet – yes – the extent to the slow movement within 3D.

9. What is existence?

Existence is the earth, the dimensions, human beings, dimensional beings, nature, animal kingdom and the universe - in other words – creation in its entirety. If you look at existence as everything that is, then you will understand that everything we have experienced and are currently experiencing fall under the topic of existence. Existence as that which exists – that which is here as who I am as each are within creation is existence. Everything and anything within creation is able to be communicated with – from animals to nature to human beings and dimensional beings. Now the interesting thing about existence is that when you start trying to prove that things exist it becomes difficult. What in this world is able to be proven to be real? Therefore if you are not able to show that love for example is real does it mean however that the idea of love does not exist? Existence is therefore anything that is given the assumption that it is able to be called upon in whatever form. In this world we give existence to all sorts of things from our belief in God as religions to spaceships to emotions and feelings. Whether these things are real or not you would then have to determine according to it's actual parts and participation practically in this world, meaning when you're convinced something is real you must be able to prove that it has something tangible to measure it by for yourself as who you are. For something to exist however, all we require is the thought or idea that something exists. Therefore, I could, if I desire to do so, create and bring into existence the next God, just by creating your belief which then brings into existence the ‘idea' of the God. Therefore many would debate that in this universe no actual measurement is able to be given to existence as proving that anything is ‘real'. What is real? If existence has to be measured only according to what is able to be held and seen then you won't have much left in existence now would you? Even what we perceive we see has been the result of preprogrammed abilities such as holographic images reflecting light frequencies as sound waves – projecting an image of what we see with our human eyes on earth. So what we see and experience is not necessarily real, yet we give existence to anything from actual structures to thoughts, concepts, ideas anything possible by our human mind. Existence is that which we give existence to and as - becoming that which we experience ourselves within and as.

10. What are systems?

As I explained earlier the White Light is responsible for the control and enslavement of the human. When consciousness was put in place by the White Light they also designed the systems. A system therefore is any form of consciousness that feeds the White Light – either on a greater or individual scale of expe3rience. The White Light was dependant on people to act according to specific consciousness application in order for the White Light to have control and power over all human beings and dimensional beings in existence. If you are able to imagine a system being represented by the human mind then you have a basic understanding of the predicament we all face. Systems are what we experience when we leave our awareness of who we really are as the beings we were all created in essence and we turn toward the existence that all are currently facing themselves within in consciousness as separation. Systems, to give you a brief example are therefore thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours, anything that confines, restricts, binds and controls us as who we are by self defined personality. Consciousness desires to be fed and supported and what other way than to create systems that people belong to as well as become. If for example you have a desire then you belong to and eventually become that system – obsessed and possessed by desire which in turn generates movement within you feeding your mind consciousness system as who you have become. While you are creating the desires that feed that particular system you more and more become the actual system and eventually most beings are not able to be anything other than that particular system. The becoming of system is when your presence and essence is self-defined within an emotion or feeling that is of consciousness systems. To not be a system any longer one must realize that this entire world is created in some form of a White Light system and therefore all your participations as expression, behaviours and reactions are systematic. Day to day life as you are conscious of, is therefore your systematic ‘life'. Your life as you are currently conscious of is not actually what life is. Systems are not life and considering that the White Light designed your entire life within consciousness means that what you are experiencing is not able to be life. It would rather be called robotic, preprogrammed or systematic. As soon as you're always doing the same application that is able to be linked back to the White Light's preprogrammed consciousness control then you are in a system, which means you are a walking system because no person is able to tell me that they are able to walk free from their preprogrammed systematic consciousness lives. The minute you experience yourself as unable to not be the person you are or that your life is not able to be done any other way then you know that you in fact have been preprogrammed to be a particular system, feeding many systems and therefore is not able to consider yourself truly free. A more specific example of a system would be for instance religion. The most prominent of all systems within this world, together with the money system is the religious system. A system such as this consists of many human beings as pre-programmed consciousness as their mind – who place their ideas and beliefs of some greater power, being or force outside of themselves together. In this movement – many beings participating in the belief and idea of some greater power, being or force outside of themselves – creates an entity – God for instance. When so many beings follow such an idea or belief – a system is created – globally within this world. This religious system within the world is continuously fed through the application of prayer and going to establishments such as churches and singing songs – all such participations within the belief and idea of a God – feeds the entire religious system – making it plausible as being real and true. The more human beings participate and feed this religious system – they become a system within the system due to they dedication and commitment through participation within the religion they have placed their beliefs and ideas within. Feeding in turn their own mind consciousness system enslaved within the religious system of the world.

11. What is the Living Word?

We are in essence all the standing and becoming for all in equality and oneness, the Living Word. This basically means that who we really are in essence as the living word is equality and oneness within and as awareness. We are one with all that exist, we carry no longer the divisions that we have allowed and we stand for all that exists and we no longer allow separation. That as our truth as who we really are, we return to our natural state of being the Living word, the I am, the living God. God has never been outside of you. The equality and oneness of ourselves as who we really are comes from our understanding that we have all that exists within us as who we are therefore we stand alone in essence, responsible for ourselves and for all as one. The Living word is the: “I am all and everything that exists as one and equal.” This one existence exists within and as each and each person is interconnected to all. I am the image (that which I am – God) and the likeness (that of my actions/deeds) of God. The Living word is the spoken truth as who each being really is which each portrays every single day. The living word is in your deeds and is able to be heard in your words – the image and likeness of who you are as oneness and equality as the Living Word. To live as God is to be aware that all is no longer able to stand separate and without being equal, for we are equality and oneness. The living word is the truth about who we really are, in essence, not this that we have created, consciousness systems overrun by all that we know within this world. Ignorance, greed, lust, desire, lies, deceit, obsessions all examples of the Living Word not taken into full application as the I am, I am here, I remain in every moment as awareness. The living word – living the words I am. In the beginning was the word and the word was God and the word was with God. Are we all in existence not but mere words? The question would be human beings – what words are you living as a statement of who you are? Are you the image and likeness of who you really are as oneness and equality here in awareness or is your image that of consciousness systems enslavement and control and your likeness in your expression the example thereof in your day to day experiences of yourself. Are the words you speak in every moment an absolute statement and expression of who you really are or are you merely speaking random words during conversations feeding consciousness personalities as who you have become? Human beings do not live words as who they are – but are trapped, lost and enslaved within knowledge and information and consciousness systems generated by emotions and feelings – systems within separation, fear of loss and judgement. This is able to be seen and experienced regularly within and through conversations with other human beings – when one thing is said, but another thought of the direct opposite which had been said exists. The living word is the absolute standing and becoming of who we are as words as who we are – when we live the words absolute as who we really are within self expression here as awareness in every moment. A statement for instance: “I am equality” living and becoming the word equality within and as your entire being and presence as self expression within your world amongst others.

12. What does it mean to direct Self and what is Self?

Self is what you would understand when you remove this systematic consciousness world from yourself. When you remove all that stands as this world as this world is created within a consciousness systematic construct. Self is what remains when you remove consciousness; systematic pre-programmed lies as well when you allow yourself to embrace truth as who you really are beyond that which you had ever known to be true or real within this world and reality. Then you will access Self as Self lives within your own truth of who you are within consciousness. Consciousness is this man made world, we are not born to be consciousness directed and controlled. We have come from Self as we stand within equality and oneness. To direct Self when released within this world is to take away all of the memories of the past that this world implanted within your mind and break free. To become free, only then is Self (who we truly are) able to step forth. Once free from the constructs and systems of this consciousness world we are able to direct ourselves efficiently as Self as who e really are. This world will be quite a different place once we stand as ourselves within and as oneness and equality as awareness. There will be nothing but who we truly are as we direct ourselves in every given moment within and as oneness and equality, here in awareness. You see what we are right now is the pre-programmed mind consciousness directive principle of the white light. We have been pre-programmed to act, think, and behave in specific ways. Only once Self is released from these pre-programmed systematic consciousness constructs are we truly able be free to direct ourselves without wants, needs, desires, thoughts. We merely, merrily, experience ourselves within full awareness that all is equality, oneness and that we ask for nothing. Self is the answer to the question: “Who are you?” or “Who am I?”. At the moment on earth – the answer to the question would without a doubt be that of consciousness – based on ideas, beliefs and perceptions either gathered from other human beings or most definitively parents from a young age. Self as who human beings have become is a self-defined consciousness mind system – consisting of knowledge and information allowed to be enslaved and controlled by emotions and feelings as generators of such a system. The image and likeness of Self as who each human being is on earth – is self-defined as consciousness. Clearly able to be experienced and viewed in the current status of the world in which human beings experience themselves. elf as the living word as who each human beings really is – has not yet been expressed or experienced within this world at all. This is where Self direction comes in. Giving Self as who each being really is direction through the application of forgiveness to release oneself from consciousness mind systems as who each one has accepted and allowed themselves to become. Direction being given to and as Self in every moment to free oneself from the ideas, thoughts, behaviours, personalities, emotions and feelings – everything of consciousness which has allowed us to be controlled and enslaved. Then through forgiveness and corrective application – giving direction to Self as Self in becoming who we really are as the living word, here in awareness within and as oneness and equality. Self as who you are is able to be expressed in two forms: Self as pre-programmed mind consciousness systems which you inevitably experience as who you are in your allowed and accepted becoming. Or Self as the living word where you experience and become who you really are through living the words as who you are.

13. What is HERE?

Here is your current location actually. We think too much and therefore we place ourselves forward in the future, backwards in the past and wherever else our thoughts allow us to go. When you're here you have each part of your essence and presence here with you. When you're still attached to memories of the past, desires, hopes and dreams of the future as thought constructs which allow you to remain in the past or future then it's impossible for you be absolutely completely here. It's like looking at something that has been splattered across the sky. Something like this: “I want a car”, so you place Self over there and you place yourself far in the future because you're holding that energetic space. What happens when you're allowing this to take place is not so much that it's able to interfere to have the plans for a new car it is how all these future projections interfere with your placement of full awareness of yourself in every given moment here opportunity that steps forth in the form of hereness! Here steps forth for example another opportunity and you're so far into the future that self still attaches itself to that possibility. Therefore we're never experiencing what could step forth here in every moment, as we experience life in every moment. When you're still clinging to the past then you are not able to fully participate here because all decisions have to be taken into consideration (consciously) against all past connections as experiences and events. Also when you're still attached to the past you'll always experience yourself as that, creating minimal movement in life. Where who you are and how you are experiencing yourself is based as foundation on the past only. Thus – you'll always be existing in the past – never here in every moment as who you really are in awareness. Be free from all things to be absolutely and completely here. Therefore you have the freedom to cease everything life brings forth, instead of your projection being all you experience energetically. Your life experience through existing only in the past becomes mere projections of the past into the future where you continuously end up experiencing the exact same experience, traveling down the same road leading to the same destination. There's nothing like rehashing old stuff to really prove that we have never actually evolved as a human race. We merely take what is already here from the past – maybe mould or shape it a bit differently to look and be experienced differently – but in essence remain the same past related manifestation. We still cling onto old thoughts, feelings, and desires, fears, laws and inhibitions. Look at this world what do you experience but old wars, religious restrictions, never anything new. That is an example of how we cling onto things never placing ourselves always experiencing the same thing just maybe more intensified every time, therefore not allowing this world the experience of here-ness where we experience true creation as an expression of who we are here in every moment. Here is the moment experience of who we are in awareness – where nothing else exists but who I am as I remain. This ‘I' or Self – is not bound or tied to anything or anyone in existence – but free, here as who they really are in every moment. Here in every moment as who I am is the moment we have the ability to create our world as an experience of who we really are and experiences of ourselves instead of our experience being mere projections from the past based on memories only leading to the inevitable similar experiences. Here in awareness is the experience where nothing else exists but who I really am in every moment – not the past, future, relationships, emotions, feelings, money or sex binds and ties you within and as a mind consciousness system. Yet – an interesting fascinating experience when I remain exists here in every moment as who I am – everything in existence as who I am is here as I am here. Only in and as here in every moment are you able to experience yourself as here in awareness as all as one within equality as existence as who I am.

14. How was psychics and channels controlled and why?

Psychics and channels were the manifestation methodologies as human beings used to encourage hope within others as themselves so they may remain enslaved. The pope was pre-programmed to give you words of religious encouragement – conceived from pre-written scriptures that are followed like sheep by human beings, your president now elected spoke words of safety and security, specific words you required to hear which will sway your voting decision and who better than your local channel to give you direction. I mean apparently psychics spoke to some divine source, almost more impressive than the pope himself! Unfortunately people who relied on psychics as a direct link to the divine or some passed over beloved had no better chance of getting good news that you would get going to church. All pre- written scripts as dimensional beings within communication to psychics and channels – were designed by the White Light to send unworthy human beings messages of divine light, hope, love and peace – communicating words in exact nature of what human beings are required to hear. Who else knows their creation better than the creator himself – thus the design of the specific pre-written scriptures as dimensional beings as messages from the divine through channels and psychics was quite simple to design and place. If you take the priest on top of the altar communicating from the Bible or any other religious pre-written scripture book following the words as a belief – in the case of psychics and channels they would for instance be the priest and the dimensional beings would be a live pre-written scripture book becoming the words required to be spoken as exactly that which human beings want to hear. Their belief placed in dimensional beings as pre-written scriptures sending them messages of light, hope and love. What ensued was the following: The White Light could not have beings coming over from the other side informing you of who you really are beyond consciousness. That you are indeed God as here in awareness within and as equality and oneness because they have not found Him or the existence of any God for that matter as experienced by human beings on earth! That would have created mass hysteria and possibly freedom from their enslavement and control from consciousness systems. Wait – this is the same on earth right? Where religions continue and disregard the truth of themselves actually being God as who they really are with existence within them as them – if the truth dare come out religious establishment across the world would fall and all will be released from the enslavement and control of the religious systems. So they placed into each channel and psychics mind a basic dialogue, directed and transcribed as required by no other than the White Light. Other than a specific information ‘box' that sat within each channel and psychic you would also have specific White Light beings present (Angels, Guides, Masters etc) whenever a reading was done, this done to prevent anything happening that was not White Light directed to specifically enslave human beings. Now sometimes the White Light would allow for channels and psychics to give specific information therefore you would have specific channels and psychics telling you about world events and so forth. Some even told people that heaven was stuck! That I might tell you did not happen often as the White Light had constant control, yet on occasion you would have intuition proving to be quite effective and channels and psychics would be able to ‘pick up' that there were irregularities within their own information. These channels and psychics would usually then be ‘bestowed' with a new gift or something that would distract them from the possible further questioning or investigation into the status and truth of heaven. If your channel and or psychic was particularly good it usually had something to do with how much they knew about what was going on and therefore given more gifts to basically ‘shut up'. In such a case you either spoke the words they wanted you to, or they shut your channel and psychic abilities. Now of course heaven directs all channels and psychics yet you will have mind construct playing old information over and over. Just be aware that this is still allowed by the channels and psychics because they don't understand what it is they are doing because they don't know about the information control. So basically when you ask a channel or psychic about heaven now being on earth and they give you mumbo jumbo about heaven is still locked neatly in place as remembered in the past then you know what they are in fact telling you. Thus information coming through channels and psychics in the past was controlled by the White Light – always. Now – this is no longer occurring – heaven is standing as oneness and equality here on earth in every moment supporting human beings through the process of here in awareness.

15. The process of Birthing Self?

The process of birthing self is often the hardest part of understanding self – it's the process of transcendence. When you're recreating yourself in the image and likeness of self as who you really are then you're basically stripping and tearing all that you have allowed within consciousness from yourself so that you may walk freely. Once you understand and realize what we have allowed through our participation in this world you are then in a position to re-birth yourself. Once you realize that consciousness is how we got ourselves into this mess in the first place then to re-birth yourself is to take off all the layers of consciousness until only you remain as ‘I' remain. When you birth self unconditionally you are then able to stand back from consciousness, observe everything that is happening in this world and direct accordingly. Only however once you are able to stand free from consciousness are you able to direct effectively as to be entangled within this world creates all sorts of slavery and limitation, therefore never setting self free. It is however not easy shedding what consciousness we have allowed within ourselves as consciousness puts up one hell of a fight! Just remember that it will make you believe that you are not able to function without it and that your survival depends on consciousness (all in the form of thoughts and deeds). This is indeed not how self lives as self is the essence of life therefore it does not require the creations within consciousness (thoughts, desires, needs, relationship, wants). Self is able to stand within this consciousness created world as self and not consciousness, directing and expressing. To birth self through forgiveness and letting go is to be absolutely honest with yourself about what you have allowed and what it is you are doing. Only then will you fully be able to see consciousness therefore birthing from that self awareness. I see consciousness; I understand what it does, what it creates and I step from that as self free to direct self, to not participate in the consciousness that created this world. The birthing of self is the process of experiencing yourself from consciousness to awareness – which Alice Bailey is currently writing an entire book about.

16. What are refractions?

If you go back right to when and how we were all put together in our creation you'll see the tiniest refractions of information in our biological make-up from atoms to the energetic information, that when placed together forms our entire make up.

As you tend to understand this about biology, use that same understanding when it comes to the effect and working of refractions. If you take the word refraction and you compare it to a molecule, atom or cell you'll see that when two atoms come together they form a molecule. Molecules come together to create macromolecules, macromolecules together create organelles, then cells, then organs, organ systems and finally these placed together create the human being! The same applies for refractions; it is everything that we consist of.

Therefore when you place refractions together you either get the human mind, body, information a situation or an event. When we were created our makers created us with the ability to direct us merely by the placement of these tiny refractions at the point of creation.

Imagine for a moment if the beings that designed you wanted you to fall in-love. All they had to do was place refractions within you. Refractions as small as that of electrical charges, hormonal fluctuations, information, ideas, memories and the next thing you throw all that together and you supposedly….fall in-love.

Here I have compiled some information on the various forms of refractions as noted in a dictionary, just to give you an idea of the various types:


Physics . The change of direction of a ray of light, sound, heat, or the like, in passing obliquely from one medium into another in which its wave velocity is different.


Ophthalmology .


The ability of the eye to refract light that enters it so as to form an image on the retina.


The determining of the refractive condition of the eye.


Astronomy .


Also called astronomical refraction. Th e amount, in angular measure, by which the altitude of a celestial body is increased by the refraction of its light in the earth's atmosphere, being zero at the zenith and a maximum at the horizon.


The observed altered location, as seen from the earth, of another planet or the like due to diffraction by the atmosphere.

Now the same applies for refractions within the body, caused by changes that take place such as the movement, direction so forth in a beings life.

Now let me show you the refractions that exist within you. Refractions is able to be seen by the dimensions in the form of thoughts, emotions, feelings, desires, wants, needs anything that absolutely ‘refractionally' is able to have a direct impact on how you function. If at some stage in your life you were pre-programmed to become a specific person be it may through personality or character and you experience that but later decide it is not who you are you now sit with an interesting dilemma.

Refractionally you now have thousands of molecules specifically directing you because you specifically told them to. Anything that we participate in becomes us, biologically. Our cells take on all the information that we are and keeps directing us according to the specific information. So within molecules you have refractions still lingering of your previous application. Let's say now you do your forgiveness and you apply yourself every day with the understanding that your previous application is to be changed. Now, however, refractionally you still have information running around your entire system relating to your past experiences.

As you are able to see with the explanations given for Astronomy, Ophthalmology and physics (to name a few areas of science) refractions bend, adapt and direct other refractions. Now you've started a new application, let's call it ‘you're no longer accepting lies as who you are'. You walk every day only accepting 100% honesty from yourself, however your molecules that have not been cleared of all previous energetic refractions are still implanting into your bodily system information about your previous application. The key here is to understand what refractions are capable of.

When you read the segment about light being reflected due to how the light and objects have different wave velocities, you're looking at the same thing happening currently in your body. You've changed your application from lying to honesty yet refractionaly your cells still hold the information from previous lies not to mention other body regions such as chemical compounding, consciousness just to mention a few. Now whenever you're faced with being truthful your entire make up will change in any given moment rejecting truth due to refractions clinging energetically to your cells and DNA. So instead of you accepting truth your cells reflect the lies instead, due to the application of truth not being absorbed as yourself into each cell. Just like I explained with two organelles creating one cell you have compounding occurring again due to the number of refractions inhabiting your system (body).

Refractions is able to be anything from moments in time to lingering memories to the slightest idea, anything that once you start clearing yourself from past attachments through the power of application and forgiveness can still be attached to you without you even knowing. Refractions are indeed complicated. So basically what I am presenting is the ability one set of information within your DNA and cells has to divert or change new information regarding new applications.

We as the dimensions run around all day chasing refractions. Anything that happens here in the dimensions gets broken up into refractions, from moments that happened within an event to the timeline applications here in 3D. Everything that comes into existence is able to be seen as refractions. Because the dimensions are here and because of the placement of moments and the placement of events we are all very busy with the refractions caused by our own movement as well as participations. Remember the dimensions unlike 3D is not able be maintained as stability according to physical structures, we are information, moments, energetic movement and sound. Nothing physical exists here for us to watch ourselves by and how we are affected by change. Thus, we within the dimensions have to stand as stability as who we are in every moment by living the words: I am stability to be certain that we are constantly stable in the dimensions.

You are fortunate in that you are able to be ‘grounded' by your physical environment. When we are not 100% aware of the refractions that are left during an event or a moment we are able to in about a week become a completely different dimension because all the compounded moments in the form of refractions have the ability to redirect us as explained in the human body.

Let's use an example of how refractions are created. Let's say that as I sit here talking about this the entire conversation is able to be seen as moments, participations, memories, words and so forth. With each breath that you take many refractions are created by this moment we share. We discuss this topic, therefore the moment is created. Now you have information that has been moved energetically as well as within this reality. Remember when we discussed existence and that it is simple to create something. Well the same applies for refractions. If I spoke to you about this topic then in existence there will now float in space and time and everything that is in between, frequencial refractions of our conversation.

This is due to the fact that everything in this world carries weight. One miniscule moment creates refractions because that is how we created our world, everything we do being of some significance because we are such beings that build everything according to thousands of tiny details. This building within the refractional ability comes from when we were created. We were given moments that led to other moments all because of mere refractions.

By this I speak about how our world came to be from simple molecules to everything you experience now. This was due to the ability that we have of creating. Good from some vantage points, not so good when all we do is create, absolutely anything, without us even being aware of it. You are most certainly only aware of your own experience, sometimes your thoughts and feelings. Nobody however is really aware of the refractions that go on within all of this, let's call it; what is really going on.

All moments as you experience them are different from another being's because of your different upbringing and life experience; therefore we all ‘act' differently. This when looked at in the tiniest detail is able to be seen due to refractions interacting with one another. The refractions from your childhood now interact with your learned behaviours/ personalities which clash with your beliefs and so at the end of the day you have based your given experience on these interactions of refractions.

Now let's take a look at how refractions is able to redirect this world in a space of 100 years. If you read my article on war, rape, murder you noticed me mentioning how if a being creates something we as the dimensions now have to step in to ‘clean' up. This I was speaking about is refractions. The example I used was that of a person committing suicide. Once they thought this, refractions occurred within space and time now associated to each and every singular moment within this single event. Within such an occurrence you are able to have up to 1000 refractions (as seen by dimensional ‘eyes'). Let's look at this example. The person now thought about killing themselves. Now refractions are created according to why, how, when, who was linked to the reason, the reason's linked to past events, all associated paths leading from this beings experience to that of world events, future decisions based on this decision and the list goes on.

Are you able to start seeing all that is possible here? Eventually 100 years down the line this world is able to be seen as the compounding that occurs when you place one refraction next to another and another, eventually creating this ‘reality'. I will give you an example of what we've been looking at in my articles.

I focused a lot on the compounding that causes rape, murder and war. Here you have events that were created by your actions and the actions of others in society create other events. You participate in something and where do the moments consisting of refractions go? They are scooped up by global awareness/ consciousness and what is created thereafter will cause us to have all sorts of new experiences.

We are all aware of consequence. However we don't fully comprehend how intricately this works. Consequence is the result you have when you place together all refractions which then gives an outcome. Simple math's actually. Perhaps that is why we are forced to do maths at school yet nobody sees the mathematical equations around them. We are aware that in this life we have events happening and that it creates victims, yet we are not able to see what happens between how these events affect our lives down the line and globally how these events came to be.

Have you ever stopped to ask why events take place and how they were created? If you look for example at all the thousands of different types of personalities that exist, how were they created? Look at your own preferences and the fact that while you're enjoying coffee with two sugars, no milk another enjoys tea with one sugar, lots of milk. All different responses because of refractions constantly playing off against one another in your body. When you decide to change yourself refractions are what make you give up because you are not able fight against cellular memory. You are able to deny your own memories but once they inhabit the cells you become the information.

17. What does it mean to be a slave to consciousness?

Consciousness had probably be the sliest mental creation that has ever existed. Not only does it consider itself quite justified but together with global consciousness (called the unconscious) is able to direct anything that we participate ourselves in.

Today I have a few interesting facts to share with you which I gathered through hearing human beings' conversations here on earth and even communicating to them from the dimensions (considering they are consciousness) and what they have told me concerning who they are. We are pretty damn happy with our lives because our lives work. The fact that many children are being molested and the animal kingdom destroyed means nothing. We wash our hands of this. Secondly I was told that the entire world cannot take responsibility for each others creations because ‘we' did not contribute to these events. Each one standing looking only at his or her world as it appears, not taking into consideration what we contribute refractionally, energetically and consciously. Thirdly I was made aware of how far you will stretch the imagination when it comes to imagining that all is actually okay in this world. This statement of ‘all is actually okay in this world' coming from human beings' who' lives work for them and is not directly affected by the outer world outside which experience the consequences of consciousness manifestations.

The reason why I tell you about this is because I ‘speak' to many beings every day, perhaps you're not consciously aware when a being is sitting next to you talking to you because you've never experienced it before. I sit next to you (and so do millions of beings assisting here in 3D everyday) and I chat to your mind to see where we (as the dimensions) are able to assist you, giving insight or creating awareness.

When humans come up with justifications about separation and their apparent innocence that is where enslavement to consciousness comes from. The inability (or so you perceive) to actually realize that when you stand in oneness as we all do we share responsibility for everything in this world. We are one because in essence we have the exact same starting point within existence, we were created in equality and we shall all see each other returned as that whether you return to your understanding now or when you're dead.

So when people understand nothing about what is happening in front of their faces then we call it enslavement to consciousness. Consciousness keeps you trapped in one singular mind set, which is incorporated by beliefs, feelings, emotions, wants and needs which doesn't allow human beings to be clear on where this world currently finds itself and how this world's experience got to where it is today.

As long as you claim to be incapable of releasing yourself from consciousness then you are its slave. Consciousness to give you but a few examples plays out in the following ways as statements of who you are as consciousness: “But I cannot do this.” “It is not my fault!” “I feel something yet I cannot act or stand up to what is happening.” “No ways I love that person too much, please don't ask me to give up my thoughts or feelings!” Those are just a few examples of enslavement, when all you are able to handle is what you've already allowed.

Allowing yourself to only be limited by particular applications – enslavement, when you consider yourself limited you are enslaved. When you see yourself as not responsible – enslavement, when you say: “Oh but I can't or I won't” – enslavement. When you prescribe to particular laws about how to think, and experience who you are – enslaved.

Only you as who you really are is able to decide who and what you are to be, nothing limits you except consciousness. Consciousness also keeps you practicing certain application as I have mentioned to be able to feed all systems globally. Your participation in this world without standing as awareness is enslavement. When you are caught up in words, feelings, thoughts, believes, expectations and you will live according to these things –enslavement. Not understanding within awareness your own creations and how you came to be, how you direct your life and why – enslavement. Practically I understand that to be aware of what is happening and acting on what it is you have come to understand is not always easy.

As we support you we are aware that being enslaved in the first place was not man's desire for himself yet due to what unfolded when we came into existence, this is now the reality we all participate in. However, to justify that nothing is able be done because: “Oh well I have my life” is just not going to get us through this. Realising that everything man made constitutes conscious creation therefore is directing and controls you tells you how easy enslavement occurs.

18. What is an interdimensional portal?

The interdimensional portal is a word that we here at desteni-universe use to describe our own ‘upgraded channel'. Channels as you are use to them are just that, the dimensional being sticks his or her head or body into that of the being and is then able to communicate using the beings vocal cords or write using the beings mind and hands.

An interdimensional portal is a being's ability to leave their body and give the dimensional being full access to use the body as if it were their own. This particular beings' physical body stand as the interdimensional portal. She leaves her body completely and enters heaven fully aware so that a dimensional being may occupy her physical body as interdimensional portal. When the dimensional being integrates into her body they do so fully and completely. Integration occurs as the dimensional being integrates right through into the cells, on a DNA level and the mind. Therefore what is possible with this portal is that the dimensional being coming through is allowed to have free expression of themselves. The dimensional beings are able to hear, see, and experience anything that is humanly possible while within the interdimensional Portal here on earth

When we, the dimensional beings, come through to either write our articles or to work we are able to fully integrate ourselves with all information that exists within us. The interdimensional portal has been a unique experience for us because in the past, channels have not allowed us to fully express ourselves as the information transference is somewhat limited according to the beings', through who we channeled, own mind or own beliefs. In other words, the human being through who we channeled influenced the dimensional beings' experience while channeling.

For instance if you have a human being as channel who have a particular dislike for something then the being coming through might experience that dislike as themselves. Which as you are able to imagine leaves one problem. What does that mean for all other channeling's that have happened in the past? Does it perhaps mean that unless your mind has been cleared 100% before the being enters it is possible that some channelings are that of human interpretation? In some cases this question is able to be answered with a: ‘Yes'. Often channeled being's stories are ‘interpreted' by the mind of the channel. This was often the case with many dimensional beings stories and therefore the full truth of their experiences were never revealed as the human being as channels' own mind interfered or influenced the words spoken by the dimensional being to a certain extent.

Now as we are fully integrated into the being's body as interdimensional portal, none of this happens as we stand clear of any influence, as all information of the portal leaves with her. Her body becomes a complete empty shell as nothing remains of her when she leaves her body and move into the dimensions. This giving dimensional beings the opportunity to fully and completely integrate in her physical body as though it were our own. This has been specifically designed so that each being that enters is able to fully express themselves without any influences from the being whose physical body have become the interdimensional portal. We often come through and stay for an entire day, to come and work or experience ourselves here.

The portal does not require specific energy as all energy in actuality is constant. Before when channels became tired or the being required rest it was because the energy of the channel was being used for the dimensional being to be able to participate. Also because the being was ‘switched' off from their minds so that the dimensional being is able to utilize the mind, it meant that this was only possible for short periods of time. The human body was only able to be ‘disconnected' from the mind for a certain period. Now however the portal's body has been set up so that physically it sustains itself and at the point that the dimensional being integrates there is nothing being taken ‘from' the body. Therefore, during the experience of beings moving in and out of the body as portal – the body physically remains constant and no matter how many beings move in and out of the portal, the experience remains constant. The dimensions are not dependent on humans for energy, which has now been correlated with our purpose and our directive principle. Dependency on human beings for energy was the experience in the dimensions when the White Light was still well and about. When heaven stood up to the white light it meant that no longer were we ‘slaves' to what they prescribed and our experience changed from the perspective of no longer being dependent on human beings for energy but we remain infinitely constant within the experience of ourselves in the dimensions and are thus able to direct and support you effectively.

Energy as life is not something that you are able to lose or drain, it stands constant into infinity. Who we are as life is not able to be killed, drained or depleted. Therefore if you experience fatigue or a ‘loss' of energy, then you know that your mind is still allowing you to limit yourself. Remember who we are stands constant and stable into infinity, the mind as consciousness has limitations and gets tired because it does not support life for longer than it has been ‘trained' by you to allow.

The portal when leaving her body is able to walk around with the dimensional beings in the dimensions and is fully aware of everything. She comes back into her body and is able to clearly recollect what she did and how. The two ‘worlds' therefore are not separated in her mind and therefore she is able to be in either dimension clearly with full information recollection and transference. She moves out of her body completely with all her ‘information' as who she is and steps into the dimensions. The same occurs when the dimensional being steps into the portal and they fully integrate as themselves into the physical body as portal.

We often come through to participate in this world. We stay for a day and we experience what it is like to sleep, go to the movies or to go out and experience different things human beings participate in, in this world.

What is important for the dimensions is to experience this world with you, in a manner of speaking. No longer do we sit in heaven watching as we use to do. We now walk here in 3D, on earth, with you and we fully participate in what you are experiencing. When we come through any of the channels we fully participate in what you do here in 3D as ourselves so that we no longer are separate from you, but instead get as much insight into human behavior and experience so that we are better able to assist you. What better way to assist human beings then to actually walk as you would in your own experience of yourself. Practical application of understanding is what we are currently working with. No longer does heaven assist humans by merely sharing information with you. Heaven now fully participates so that we are able to assist ourselves by living the words, therefore assisting you to do the same.

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