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Book Video Trailer: DNA - By W. Craig Reed

A group of American soldiers tracks a maniacal terrorist in possession of a biochemical weapon.

Ensign George Anders is positioned at the front of a global crisis in this military thriller set during the first Gulf War. Fluent in multiple languages and versed in Army intelligence, Anders is less experienced in the field of combat. He'll need to employ his skills to track down and detain Fahkir Kaseem, a dangerous terrorist intent on methodically destroying the West with a genetic weapon. Aiding Anders is a team of battle-hardened soldiers, warriors ready to provide access to any secure site he needs. At the same time, across the Middle East and into Eastern Europe, the other half of the story unfolds. Russian scientist Annelia Salenski, feeling at fault for a laboratory accident, is charged with stealing the only existing plans for this devilish bio-weapon. Little does she realize that her colleagues, intent on fleeing a crumbling Russia, will later become her enemies in this global drama.

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