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Driven to prove he's a winner, Phil Tag achieves financial, professional, and personal success that most men would envy. Not satisfied, though, he embarks on a mission to settle a grudge with an old adversary – and with millions of dollars hanging in the balance, past dirty tricks pale next to present treachery...meanwhile, Phil's nineteen-year-old adopted son successfully locates his birth mother, a beautiful woman who becomes immersed in the emotional rip tides that carry the Tag family into uncharted waters. As Ellen Tag watches her family disintegrate, she buries herself in church volunteer work - work that her all-too-handsome pastor appreciates far more than he should. Feeling neglected at home, Ellen finds herself drawn to the priest who helped her son battle alcohol and drugs. A drama of pride, betrayal, and infidelity, Love Tag ultimately celebrates courage, love, and hope.

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