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FIRST TO DIE by Norm Applegate Official Book Trailer

Official book trailer for Norm Applegate's wild vampire thriller FIRST TO DIE, available everywhere from Black Bed Sheet Books. Trailer directed by Triad Pictures' J.L. Botelho.

A vampire with a sickening fetish. A gypsy who loves to kill. An insane CEO with a thirst for revenge. A sexually bent woman, Kim Bennett. And they want her dead.

A grave has been robbed. A document has been stolen. Vampires are turning on each other. The Black Testament discloses the truth behind the existence of all to live with them, how to kill them. A vampire has taken the document to the vaults beneath Notre Dame. Kim Bennett goes after it. It's a trap. The CEO of the organization wants to see Kim bleed. Former dominatrix, part vampire, Kim battles twisted characters, a killer with a sickening fetish and a society fueled by blood lust. This novel is as much a thriller as it is blunt force trauma. Laced with sexual frenzy layered on graphic violence, this book is not for vegetarians.

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