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Sleep Better and Less - Naturally, Cure Chronic Insomnia (Book Trailer)

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"Sleep Better and Less - Naturally"
"Sleep Better and Less - Naturally"
The book "Sleep Better and Less - Naturally" describes sleep factors for the breathing technique used for the best ever known clinical trials on metastatic cancer and asthma.

The name of this legendary technique is the Buteyko breathing method. It includes breathing exercises, physical exercises, and lifestyle changes.

The Buteyko breathing method is based on the idea that slower and lighter breathing at rest increases O2 in cells, and improves health and quality of sleep curing chronic insomnia.

Here are the major clinical findings related to this new effortless sleep method that has been tested on 1,000's of patients who cured their chronic insomnia:

Severely sick and hospitalized people
* Respiratory frequency during sleep: more than 26 breaths per minute
* Body oxygenation: less than 10 seconds
* Duration of sleep: often more than 10 hours
* Very poor sleep quality, likely chronic insomnia.

Majority of modern people
* Respiratory frequency during sleep: 15-26 breaths per minute
* Body oxygenation: 10-25 seconds
* Duration of sleep: usually more than 7 hours
* Poor sleep quality.

Healthy people (medical norms for breathing)
* Respiratory frequency during sleep: 10-12 breaths per minute
* Body oxygenation: 40 seconds
* Duration of sleep: about 6 hours
* Good quality of sleep, chronic insomnia cured.

People in super health states
* Respiratory frequency during sleep: 3-5 breaths per minute
* Body oxygenation: 2-3 minutes
* Duration of sleep: 2-3 hours (naturally and without trying)
* Ideal effortless sleep.

Hundreds of modern books promote a fable that the human body and mind recover at rest and especially during sleep.

However, dozens of clinical studies proved that chances of acute attacks and mortality rates are highest during sleep, from 4 to 7 am.

This relates to exacerbations and deaths due to heart attacks, strokes, seizures, asthma attacks and many other acute health problems.

This book provides a systematic analysis of sleep factors based on medical experience of more than 160 Soviet and Russian Buteyko doctors.

You can eat tons of supplements and super foods, drink canisters of super drinks, have 100's of colonic irrigations, and practice yoga for hours every day,

but, if your breathing remains unchanged, your symptoms, chronic insomnia, and other health problems will likely to remain unchanged too.

The book "Sleep Better and Less - Naturally" by Dr. Artour Rakhimov can be found in Kindle and paperback formats on

There is also a PDF version of the book. Click the link below for content, sample chapters, and Amazon reviews of this book.

The YouTube URL of this video is: .

The video features Dr. Artour Rakhimov, health educator, writer, breathing teacher and trainer, and the author of the website

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