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“What’s The Big Idea?” is more than just another business e-book touting the latest techno-gimmick or fad-app; it’s an organized approach to creative marketing strategy, concept development. The e-book contains a beautiful mind map chart for entrepreneurs to use as a guide in developing their own innovative marketing campaigns, as well as written, video, and full page photo illustrations of each of the 28 concepts that use hard-wired mental triggers to communicate well-thought-out marketing communication strategies.

“… advertising is more than the latest techno-gimmick, fad-app or mobile whiz-bangery; and it is certainly more than just a pretty photograph, illustration, or layout; advertising is psychological persuasion and emotional manipulation, so if you don’t bring all the aspects of technical, creative, and psychological know-how together, you’re merely wasting your time and money.” – Jerry Bader,

How do you generate big ideas and concepts; how do you spark business creativity? Marketing is more than search engine optimization and social media, and it’s certainly more than frustrating and expensive attempts to be number one in your category on Google.

"Advertising, an art, is constantly besieged and compromised by logicians and technocrats, the scientists of our profession who wildly miss the main point about everything we do…” – George Lois

The Internet is a wonderfully democratic environment, but democracy is messy: it has never been easier for technically talented entrepreneurs to start an online business, but business is more than just the ability to be technically proficient, business is about managing your enterprise, and building a brand through marketing communication. Unfortunately many novice entrepreneurs lack the business training to understand that marketing is more than advertising, and tactics are not the same as strategy.

“What’s The Big Idea?” lays out 28 optional approaches for creating the high concept that can be the center-point of all marketing decisions a business needs to make. By using one of these concepts entrepreneurs can make the appropriate decisions to invest and use the numerous tactical marketing and advertising options available and more importantly, to avoid wasting money on fad over-hyped tactics that may be suitable for some, but may not be suitable for everyone.

Using this e-book to develop a high concept marketing strategy may just be the one thing that will make the difference in a business building a successful brand or in falling into the vast wasteland of Web mediocrity.

“What’s The Big Idea?” is available on ( and in Apple’s iBookstore (
The e-book contains 67 pages, a Concept Mind Map Chart, 28 photographic illustrations, text explaining the overall conceptual framework, a description for each idea, plus 29 videos (53+ minutes) further explaining the concepts.
“What’s The Big Idea?” was written by Jerry Bader, Senior Partner at MRPwebmedia, a Thornhill, Ontario marketing communication firm that specializes in Web video and audio production. He is the author of over one hundred articles on online marketing that have been published in various prestigious marketing blogs based on his forty plus years of business marketing experience. He can be reached at or at (905) 764-1246 and through

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