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I am about to do a 100 word pitch at the Muse conference and have never done one before. Does anyone have any good adviceabout how to go about it. I was told I will be pasting them in 40 word increments so it would be a 40/40/20 pitch and quite frankly I am having difficultly in formating to meet the word requirement.

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I'm pitching there also but with Lyrical Press.

A pitch is just like when you read a blurb about a new show on TV or a movie.

IE: Mad man meets wacky widow in bar and falls for her, literally as she trips him while dancing. Love abounds as she takes on more than she can handle when he proves to be an undercover cop who thinks she's the prime suspect who's wacking weirdos to get them off the streets.

Check out your TV listings for new shows or even go online to the movie channel networks. Use a play on words. You should be able to create a complete background of the story without too many details in a few short sentences. I'd be happy to help you.

Franny Armstrong-ParaNovelGirl
Interesting! Good luck and try not to be nervous!


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