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What's Your Biggest Challenge with Your Book?

I'd be interested to learn what authors/publishers on this network think their biggest challenges are with their book. I wonder if there's any common, pervasive challenge we all face.

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Nice. Took a look at the website and books. I don't know of Lambs in Missouri or Illinois, but if any have Tennessee connection there could be a relationship. My husband's family has been in TN for almost 200 years.

On books, I self-edit over and over. Then I give it to mom and my wife. Then I make corrections. I let thirty or so read for content ideas/corrections - not grammatical stuff - people who are interested in the material. (This is nonfiction.) I'm always amazed that the 29th person will come up with something "obvious" that nobody else mentioned. 


Cherie and I do our own websites, but on the more important sites, we pay a designer we like to go over everything and make it look more professional. Usually about a $200 fee, but since we don't have a good enough eye/skill for design, it really helps in our case.

Yep, 29th person -- or your 375th read through.

I don't know of a foolproof way to proofread. I gave my latest effort to three beta readers I've worked with before (and trust) and they gave it a thumbs up. You know what? All three missed a glaring error. My heroine was being chased through underground passages. She had a gun in her pocket and didn't use it! I think I was on my 425th read through when something struck me as odd. It was an easy matter of dropping the gun on a car seat to put it right, but can you imagine if I'd published it that way?


Time, time, time.

Grace x

author of historical romance [A Dead Man's Debt']

I've stopped stressing over deadlines. Don't need the hassle.

But choosing between writing and marketing is tough.

"There's a choice?" she says tongue in cheek.
LOL  Some days you do, some days you don't. 
I couldn't sell my books to save my own life!  Everything I try fails.
This is sooo hard. Writers love to write--that's why we do it. But the business end of it isn't any fun. Social networking is challenging for those of us (I'm referring to myself) are dealing with unfamiliar territory. Just know you're not alone. I had a new web site designed when my second book was published in November, have been writing a "blog" (and I hate that word so I call it Judy's Journal!), and I'm not sure anyone's looked at it. Trying to figure out how to get "Soul Shift" on Kindle was enough, but now I need to do the IPad and Nook...and I have to pay to have someone more knowlegeable than I am work on it. I have no advice for you. Thank God my husband still works or I'd be in deep trouble. Every step of writing a book has been a challenge, but I agree with you...this is the most difficult. I'm entering some award sites, got some local attention through the library, will send out emails. People aren't buying the way they did nine years ago when "EarthShift" was published. Good luck!!  (
Smashwords has a free PDF anyone can download to learn how to format an e-book. I followed their step-by-step directions and had books accepted the first time. You can also click somewhere on there if you want it to be offered as a Kindle. Mine turned up on Amazon.

Right now trying to get the publisher of my first book in my YA fantasy series to convert it to Kindle.  I've had many requests, and while I'm self publishing the rest of my series, Book 1 is in the hand of a publisher.


I started a campaign to get anyone interested in Allon Book 1 to become an e-book to click the button on the Amazon page or contact my publisher directly and request it.



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