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How low can one go? Aimed at self-published authors, Blurbings LLC offers to be the middle agent for buying glowing quotes for a book, As most of the publishing industry acknowledges, the practice of getting blurbs (“scratch my back, and …) is murky at best – and so reports Rachel Donadio in the New York Times today.

The money quote comes from Eric Simonoff, a literary agent at Janklow & Nesbit Associates, “There is a yawning gap between the obligatory blurb (‘This is a fine debut novel’) and the over-the-top selling blurb (‘Good God! Drop everything and read this book now!’).

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Dear Kare,

Blurbs are not sold on, the author pays for the service of placing their protected materials on Blurbings for other authors to blurb for free. There is no monetary incentive to blurb. An author can choose to blurb the book they read or abandon it.

So far, we have had very honest authors who have chosen not to blurb books that they did not like. I don’t see why an author would choose to discredit themselves by giving a glorious review to a horrible book. It not only discredits them but also their writing as well.

Emily Maroutian
CEO and Co-founder
Blurbings LLC
Thank you for that significant clarification


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