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I am wondering if purchasing books online has overtaken buying them in person at a brick and mortar store. So, I am asking... where do you buy your books/

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I like to buy my books either from Amazon or from some of the other online stores when I can easily track down used books at bargain rates. Many of these online stores have access to books that have been discarded by libraries etc and they can offer them at very low prices.
I like to browse bookstores but hardly ever have time! I do buy from bookstores (when I go) but most
purchases are made from Amazon.
I buy my books both online and in bookstores. Sometimes I see a book in a bookstore that I did not even know existed and have been surprised by the excellent information in them. I recently bought a book that was published in 2005 and it was great.
I usually don't buy books, I usually get them from a library. When I have to buy them I like to buy from the Strand bookstore because I can get them at a reduced price.
I only buy books I've heard of online. I think most people are like that. Some think that buying online will take over but if you look at it, people usually only buy books online they have HEARD of. No one browses on for books. Some might check for releases from their favorite authors online but most people still buy from stores because they get to look around and they find books and authors they might not have even known of. So, I buy out of stores still like I said, UNLESS I already know a book I want.

Best Wishes!
Skeeze Whitlow
4317 N. 16th Street
Arl. VA 22207
240 – 271 - 7569

Dear Kim,
As a former U.S. Capitol attendant, I offer you Senate Parking. A 90 K word novel about a multicultural crew of parking lot attendants who operate an escort service from the Senate lots. A good look at the underbelly of our law making process. Senate Parking can be listened to at
“Hill Intros” is the brainstorm of attendants unable to obtain employment within the confines of the Capitol. Senate Parking is the story of power structures, on a personal and national level. Done from the perspective of workers who see themselves without much chance of ‘making it’ in a culture of power drivers, Washington’s backdrop provides a tension all its own.
This book concerns every kind of shady deal for which the political arena is famous. Senate Parking is full of anecdotes which let freedom ring. I can provide you with a synopsis or with the complete manuscript – whatever you like. Either way, I’ll be in touch.

Skeeze Whitlow

My second novel is now audio – like old time radio. All you have to do is listen. It’ll make you laff. Go to www.NewFiction,com

Choose ‘Senate Parking’

Skeeze Whitlow
buying books online is a great option so i prefer buying them online
Online but I won't touch print if I don't have to. I've gotten hooked on ebooks.

You see Barnes and Noble is in trouble and trying to sell because their retail stores can't compete with Amazon, online sales and ebooks. So that's proof right there that people don't buy in-store much these days. I don't know anyone who still buys book in store to be honest.

The bookstores suck to me because they never had the books I wanted.

You see how my stance has changed since I last answered this question. Times have changed a lot plus I discovered ebooks and didn't realize I'd love them so much. But I do.

Best Wishes!
I tend to purchase mostly online the specific books I'm looking for. I still browse and purchase at the bookstores.
If anyone wants anyone of my books I be glad to sell it to them through pay pal. 22.00 plus 5.50 for shipping and insurance if in florida I will pay for sales tax and you pay for the shipping. thanks

PS I buy most all my books from others, borders and amazon... where i can get some kinds of discounts if the book has been well over 5 yrs old.
hi, advancement in internet technology has given rise to a large number of online options for buyers. newbie as well as established authors are marketing their books online. hence due to the availability of a wider choice, readers they prefer to purchase books online.


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