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We all know a great deal of people collectively here. I know my various email lists are quite large. I also know a great joke can be passed to over 2 million people in 24 hours (reuters). I was curious...

Has anyone had success (as measured by purchases) from utilizing their personal contacts to notify of your book release and these contacts in turn forwarding to their lists?

If so, I would love to hear about it!

-James T.

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You do need at least 1/2 million emails to hit the top 10 at Don't settle for less. Keep working until you get that number. You are even better off if you work for a million. One friend who did the campaign had almost 2 million emails going out, or blog notices, or website notices.

Use the Amazon campaign as an opportunity to build relationships with email newsletter editors, website owners, and bloggers. Don't think of it as a one-shot deal.

If you would like to do a New York Times bestseller campaign, check out the teleseminar I will be doing on April 10th:
My experience with the Amazon campaigns is it really helps to have partners
who are going to follow through as agreed upon. Unfortunately that doesn't always
happen. However, the more you get to know your JV partners, the more likely it will
be that they send out the message.

It is also nice if you can find people who have not over-saturated their lists with
other campaigns. Although not necessary it is helpful to have JV partners who do
have a bonus that is consistent with what your market is interested it.

Peggy and Randy are outstanding folks. I have participated in some of their
campaigns, as they have in mine, with great results.

Best of luck on the campaign.

Thanks, Kathleen and John for your advice. I have my bonus page up at: I have gotten some great bonuses
so far. I am still looking for joint venture partners, so if anyone here is interested,
let me know. Three authors on this site are already helping me. My goal is to
raise as much money for The Child Support Disaster Fund and become a bestseller.

I have sent out two press releases so far. One with the names and links of all of
the authors helping me. The title is "Divorced Mother of Four Gets Help From Best Selling
Authors" Here are the links:

I think the "Sanjaya Strategy" is worth looking into, Jim. I have been joining
myspace groups and spreading the word about my campaign there. I am
of Greek decent and there are about 40,000 members of greek groups on
myspace. Should I post messages asking for them to "help a Greek Author
become a best seller? It sounds crazy. But then again if it worked for
Sanjaya who knows?

I would love to add my chapter here, Ryan. Great idea!

I would love to hear how the April 12 launch came off! Did it go well? Meet expectations? Was it worth it?
Viral Marketing at its finest.

If any of you are American Idol fans, then you know there is a young contestant named “Sanjaya” who has survived even though his talent needs a bit of development (I’m being kind here). The word has it…that his immediate family reached out into their network of friends, who reached out to theirs, and theirs, and so on. The roots went deep into India and likely tapped into some cultural gravity. The rumor tee’s up the idea that Sanjaya’s Idol “sustenance” is attributed to the “viral” activity underneath him. Hmmm….

Now this is the “stuff” I’m looking for!
Hi Ryan I would be willing to put the first chapter of my two novels on
here, you betcha! Don't know if John has room for that but I up for it.
I have no clue how to do that technically, but I have the product and
the desire--what else does it take? Jim Misko
As far as I know Ning has no space limitations, so you are welcome to post chapters from your book or a link to a download for the entire book here at the Network. Post on your page, either as a blog post or better yet to your Book Marketing Network box above your friends list.
Amazon Campaign are the most famous. I joined Stefanie Hartman MIT program (Millionaire In Training) which is 7 months program.
Stefanie works with you and you follow her 7 modules step by step how to do this or how to apply that in marketing. She answers all the student question in the forum and also she meet with us twice a month over the phone going through our concerns.

The modules are:

Module 1 Your Expertise is Your Business (Marketing Funnel)
Module 2 Creating and promoting your products (Teleseminars, etc..)
Module 3 Set up Shop (How to create JV partners? and secret resources)
Module 4 Marketing and Sales 1(Marketing techniques that works)
Module 5 Marketing and Sales 2 (I am here now but did not start it yet)
Module 6 Speaking & Seminars (I am not there yet)
Module 7 Capitalizing on Media Exposure (I am not there yet)

Stefanie helped me refocus as I mentionned earlier in my own post that my book went through a transformation. I enjoy every moment of taken this course.

I can only speak from my experience with this course. I am not sure where you were stuck in your book. I was stuck in my book vision, I have very high traffic site but was not bringing me the support I need by bringing me passive income. I learn about teleseminar, JV partners, many other things that I was doing it wrong in the first place, etc... I guess I needed to start somewhere.

Also I joined Stefanie new Private JV Club
Where you can meet JV's who are ready to support each other and work with each others. I have not been very active yet in the club because I am working on my book and products at the moment then I can find a JV Partner.

I think everything we do when it comes to our book, promoting ourselves, or our company have a formula to follow. You just need to follow and understand it in order to succeed.

In light!
John, check the fact about no limit on what you can put on the Ning site. I recall reading somewhere that you are charged when you go above a certain amount of space on Ning.
I have been actively collecting lists and emailing them however most of my requests end up coming through word of mouth. One of the things I've been doing to get the word of mouth marketing going is getting reviews from experts in the area, and now (hopefully from this site!) fellow authors.

I use the reviews on my website and in my marketing so I normally also include some information about what the review does/sells and it in turn creates more word of mouth. Is working well for me but I'm carrying on with the list work too and would appreciate any suggestions how to increase sales from this!

Has anyone here done this Amazon Bestseller campaign with a fiction book?
I'd be curious to know your results.
Chris Redding
I used my Christmas card list when Two Wrongs by Morgan Mandel first came out. I sent everyone postcards. That generated sales. I've also had people on Myspace say they would buy my book, but I don't know if they ever did. I'm going to have to check into that Amazon thing, since my book is listed there.
Morgan Mandel


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