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Demented, evil right wing commentator or Master Marketer?


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LOL, Judging from all of the blank space here, those are my exact thoughts of Ann Coulter as well!

You're off the hook guys!
Both, unfortunately. I think she says and does things that are controversial (or evil, depending upon your perspective) to get attention to sell books. What's worse is she believes these things.

I don't like her.
That pretty much says it correctly. Margaret G.

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Choose ‘Senate Parking’

Skeeze Whitlow

Did you ever think of spending your time pushing 'Senate Parking?" Senate Parking tells the story of Capital Hill from the perspective of the people who honestly work there and truly survive there.

Skeeze Whitlow
I like Ann Coulter. Good writer. However, she is too skinny. I'd like to buy her some cake and a case of beer.
It's not about Ann doing any marketing at all. She doesn't have to lift a bony, bulimic finger believe me. She doesn't need to do any marketing on her own because she's got the entire right wing behind her. When you got a lot of power in your favor, it doesn't matter who YOU are, because it's what you stand for and the folks connected with that that makes you famous, etc.

Definitely not an Ann Coulter fan and I think she's just another rightwing puppet who dances when they snap their fingers. She speaks with such incredible nonsense that I can't help but wonder how much of it she really believes. And she might as well be a man for as many times as she's put down single mothers and women. She always seems to blame things on the women but what about the men who impregnated these ladies, jumped up and left them and don't pay a dime of child support? I never see her talking about no-working, pitiful men but of course she's too busy spewing crap and pollution to really "pay attention to anything". She knows nothing about nothing.

She's pissed a lot of folks off but it's a shame when a woman has to tear down those of her own gender. Never read one of her books, never would. If one came to me for free I'd probably give it to my neighbor so her dog can practice potty training. If, Ann's books are worth that. There's a difference between levelheaded folks standing up for what they believe in and idiots like Ann and Rush who don't know jack about politics but think they can sprout off.

Best Wishes,


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