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Do You believe that one person is meant for another?

I am in the process of writing my 2nd novel which is a Christian romance( full of the modern day relationship woes). I am deciding if my character should believe that the woman he is seeing is meant for him. Is there such a thing as "meant for each other"?

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This I hal to say reminds me what the verse from the bible say" What God put upon can not be undone".
And also in way remind of soul mate type aspect. I notice there is alot New non fiction and Christian romances novels make a boost to the book industrial more than poetry let's say. But I half to also say, either poetry or non fiction etc. God will bless his child with prosperity.
Thanks Feon,

May God continually bless!
Nope! I actually mention this in my book. You can read the rough draft of Chapter 11 here:
No, I don't think people are 'meant' for one another. If that was the case, there would be 'perfect' relationships where the couple gets along ALL the disagreements, conflict, compromise, pet peeves, drama...ever.

I do believe God puts people in our lives for certain reasons. Once he has revealed to us what the reason is then it's up to us to maintain or develop that relationship accordingly. All relationships require work, to work.

Just my two cents...
Oh, I don't know. I see a lot of relationships of varying levels where people get together and they get along because they've got one thing in common; then work around that one thing and actually have what one considers a "good" marriage. I've seen people who were in arranged marriages who worked things out and learned to love each other; others in arranged marriages who just stayed together because that was expected. I know a triad ~ the man is the same. First relationship with two women, one died; he's still in a relationship with the other "original" woman and have added another and they are extremely happy.

Personally, I feel people can love more than one. Look at those who've lost and found another. Look at those who created poly lifestyles.

Whether people are "meant" for each other is, as Alicia says.. people are put in our lives for certain reasons. We figure out what those are and two people can grow together or not... then they choose to remain together for their own reasons... or not.

I'm sure that helped. LOL
Hi Revvell,

Yes, your input to the discussion did help a lot. I think I will let my character be open to the possibility of happiness or at least what he thinks is happiness. Thanks.
Hi Alicia,

Thanks for your insight. I am not sure if "Meant for each other" means their wouldn't be any obstacles to over come, after all the difference in backgrounds creates obstacles in it's self. So for me "perfect" is a state of mind and not a state of being. I agree that God puts people in our lives for a reason..........having a reason makes me still ponder if that is the same as being meant for one another. Because not everyone is assigned to every person, so that still leaves me wondering if someone is assigned by God to me for a reason does that mean they are meant for me? Of course, I know the assignment may only be for a season. This is just something I'm researching for my next novel. Thanks and let's stay in touch.
The concept is an interesting one, to say the least. It's one I've pondered for many decades. I believe, when asked the question, people often think the answer has to be in absolutes; does this one person have only one other person for whom they were meant?

Matters of the heart are never so simple.

"Love at first sight is a lie the heart tells the brain."

I don't believe that quote. I believe there is such a thing as love at first sight--there is such a thing as true love--there is such a thing as a soul-mate. But to find love; to have love; we must be willing to make ourselves vulnerable. To be open to love we must make ourselves empty and open. That leaves us open to deception. It leaves us upon to lies that others would tell for their own purposes. But the alternative is relationships that are guarded and restrained.

If we go into relationships with our guard up, we keep out the potential for fully, happy, and wonderful love. And make no mistake, there is no greater gift, to be given or received, than love. To be certain, this doesn't mean we should go into relationships blind and with our eyes closed. We still need to be aware of the things our partners are doing and try to understand that they, like everyone, are human and have flaws. We need to understand that love makes us blind (and stupid, too, at times) because we see what we want to see rather than the reality that is before us.

But when love can be found and it is returned in kind, it can be more wonderful than words can say. So, to your question I would say, "Yes!" Let your character believe in the things that can be. Let your character believe that the one who stands before him is the one who was meant for him.

...and the meek shall inherit the earth...

Be well,
Hi William,

Thanks for your insight, your view is very similiar to mine. I think I will let my character stay open to the possibility of happiness.
It is interesting. Gladys Aylward, the famous missionary to China (remember the film of The Inn of the Sixth Happiness with Ingrid Bergmann?), believed that God had meant for a man to come out to China as a missionary and they would marry, but because this person disobeyed God and didn't go to China, she was going to have to stay single. Now, she didn't know who this person was, and had no evidence to back up this theory, but she was absolutely convinced this was why she was single. Readers who agree with Gladys would find a plot line like that quite believable.
Hi Marion,

Thanks for your input to the discussion and the plot you unfolded is a very interesting one.
Great question. I speak about this in my next book. I believe with my whole heart that their is "the one" that God has designed just for us, and if we're to busy and move on our own, then we tend to choose "the one" who we feel is right for this moment - this time and we get in the way of the one God chose for us.
God Bless Sis


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