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Do You believe that one person is meant for another?

I am in the process of writing my 2nd novel which is a Christian romance( full of the modern day relationship woes). I am deciding if my character should believe that the woman he is seeing is meant for him. Is there such a thing as "meant for each other"?

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In the sense that she reflects godly character yes! I believe that you know if that person is right for you and sent of the Lord if they resemble the characteristics of God. Do you see God in them? Are they sound out for the Lord? Will your relationship with God be compromised in any way if you decide to get in a relationship with them? If you can answer these questions with a sound yes then yes he knows she is the one. Yes she knows as well. Hope this helps know its late.

Reverend Tonya Jones
When I was a kid I thought that one person was meant for one person but when you become an adult and learn how life really turns out (many twists and turns you never counted on) you realize that there isn't just one special person for people. Look at it like this. You have people who get married more than once and have children and are in love right? It doesn't mean that just because someone got a divorce from a previous person or stopped seeing an ex that they didn't belong with that person (at the time). I feel like it comes down to where life takes you. We meet different people along the way, interests change, things take different turns and with that might come more than one chance at love. For me I believe it's "who you were meant for at the time". If fate keeps you with one person for your life then you know that's who you were supposed to be with for life, but relationships that do not work out are still things that were meant to be.

The answer depends on how fate plays out for the individual. Some people will only have one Mr./Mrs. Right while some might have many before ending up with a certain person.

Best Wishes!


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