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Hi all -

To get your How-to on writing up an ad and selling your book on Craig's List, you need to email me at I have a PDF I can send you but I can't send it unless you give me your email address. Thanks for all the responses; it's been amazing to hear from so many!


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I would suggest that everyone STOP giving out their emails and requesting a copy of this .pdf.


Craigslist is a free classified site - used primarily for jobs and rentals. Not for book buying. People do put books on there, mainly because they get a free backlink for it (with a nofollow tag however).

If you review this thread, I posted how to upload your book to craigslist. There is NO NEED FOR THE PDF, all the information is already in this thread.

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Thanks for your reply.
It all makes a lot of sense.

Hi Shannon,
Great idea. Please send me a copy of the PDF to Thanks so much!

Sure thing, Shannon, I'd love a copy-

Maybe next, you can do ebay:-)


I'd love a copy. Thanks. Please send to
Thank you, Shannon. Please send PDF to
I would like one, too, at if you please :)
Hi Shannon. I just joined the network and ran across your offer of how to write an ad for Craig's List. I would appreciate a copy. Thanks for the offer.

Hi Shannon,

I added you as a friend. :)

I'd love to have a pdf copy of your Craigslist for Author's How-to! You can email it to:

carol burge 4 at g mail dot com (without the spaces).

Thanks a bunch!

HI Shannon,

I haven't received the PDF. Did you send it?

Hi Everyone,

Marketing rule # 1: If you promise something than you better deliver.
There must be someway of removing this post for Shannon Janeczek since she has ignored all of the
requests for her PDF on how to write an ad for your book on Craig's list.

I think someone else might have the information somewhere. If I track something down I will forward it on.
Blessings everyone,
I would be interested to know if anyone on this board has ever received the PDF.


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