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Pitching to TV Shows-How much info to give? Trademarked brands?

I want to pitch a "visual" story idea of "Don't Tell a Chronically Ill Person 'You Look Great!' __#__ creative gifts to show you REALLY care."

It will be a different hook/line (stronger) but my question is... should I include photos of the items I would like to show on the screen in my pitch? For example, a colorful metal basket of fun items for the whole family, ways to bring the seasons indoors, etc. I've collected/bought a bunch of stuff to take some photos and know exactly what I'm doing, but wondering if this will HELP show what I've got to offer, or will take away from their curiousity? It's not just "stuff" but ways to use it that will make it more interesting.

I've taken Steve Harrison's 90 minute phone intro on this topic, so I know what to have on the page to pitch... but am wondering if an extra page with photos would be helpful and make people think, "Oh, I never would have thought of that!"

Also, how does it work with name brand materials? If I have a kids basket that includes candy, what if it's a well-known brand? I'm promoting ideas not actual products, but if they say, "where can I find this?" I could say anything from HomeGoods to Big Lots. Or I could say, "oh, most stores have this kind of thing...." and be vague.

I'd like to pitch to some local shows, but also some national shows like Today.

Lisa Copen
Author, Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend

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