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Hello Everyone,

I have two related sets of questions about marketing and selling e-books. However, since there is sufficient difference between the two (at least in my mind), I am posting them separately.

Do you sell e-books through your own website? Do you use paypal for payment? How do you distribute your e-book to those who have purchased it? By autoresponder? Other means? What have been your experiences? What advice can you give.

Thanks for your assistance.


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I use to sell my poetry book downloads. I have one thus far to publish. I do not half use this option however, I find help when I am not online to have the person to just click buy now link and it will automaticly go to their email to read. I just haven't alot of buys which not sure why seeing my site is throughout the search engines somewhat. From I have heard and told. There is not alot of reads for poetry rather christian or inspirational. Maybe, that's the problem. I am just thankful to have any buys actually. I do the best I can in Jesus name. And link with other sites that are christian base.
Yes, I sell my ebook through my own website. Yes, I use Paypal for payment.

After the purchase, I am alerted via email from Paypal that the book was purchased. Unfortunately, there is no autoresponder for my system. It's a bit in the dark ages for technology: I email the purchaser with a username and password for the download page. I change up the passwords as needed, as I have access to that through my admin page on my site.

It is my experience that this system is a bit archaic, but it still works. I want a system that works automatically--no emailing required. I'm working on it for my new website project.
Hi Amy,

I also use Payloadz. It's soooo easy and nice to have them just automatically take care of it for me. My husband set it up for me. If you have difficulty with it, please, let me know and he can talk you through it.

A couple of good things... the first $100 in sales is free. After that it's $15 a month up to a certain limit (use the following link for all the details)... also, you get the opportunity to set up an affiliate referral so it's possible to get the service at no charge.

Here's the link:

Click here to go to payloads.



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