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Is anyone interested in getting together sometime for a booksigning for authors, not only from NC, but any author. I just thought that if you lived out of state, most people won't come. But if anyone is interested, let's talk.
A Love That Never Dies

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I can tell you I haven't been to a signing before. I also do get alot due to my health and doctor appointments. However, I do attend events when I am can. Mostly, also with my brother sell his art works. I don't know what part of North Carolina your refering too. But I am Morehead City area. There is new where any one that makes crafts of any kind can sell their items. but fee applies and it just starting and it needs more media and get more to have more people getting involved with it. otherwise, I find beaufort historic site where they events there is more a better outcome. I hope this helps.
Feon, I live in New Bern, NC. Were neighbors! How about that! I also go to the local farmer's market to sell things. I plan on doing a booksigning of my new book there in December 2007. My book is called, A Love That Never Dies. Check it out at
This farmer's market tell more about it? Do you pay fee to sell your books? And have been send other authors books to sell also?
At the farmers market you pay for a table which is $12.00 or if you split a table with someone is only costs you $6.00. You set up your display of whatever you are selling and that's it. They usually open very early. You have to call them to make arrangements to come on a certain day and because they get filled fast, call early to reserve a spot. Most farmers markets do the same way!
Tell where is this located? And link if any. As well who I need to call to reserved a spot. I hope I able to go. And this is better price since we would bring our own tables.
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Feon, there is a Farmers Market in New Bern, NC. I don't know their phone number but you can call directory assistance for it. It doesn't matter if you bring your own tables or not, the fees are still the same. Hope this helps. The place is located down town New Bern. When you call, you could ask them to mail you directions and things.



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