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Hai friends
I am padma narayanswamy i sold about 1oo of my copies through
poetry forums i have published about 400 copies

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WOW!!! Do tell did you have a ISBN and barcode? Also, how did you go about to sell that many? And how did you get that many books published? Are most of them done professionally or coil-binded? Did you attend events etc some too? What type of poetry you write? And how many pages per book did you have? And what price would you set yours? Regardless, of size what price did you set them? Do you have web site also?
It is professionally done but it is about
25pages and it is graphically illustrated by my son
my book just rs10 or 2US $dollar postage extra
would you purchase one . I am a member of chennai poetic circle
I wrote on social issues and also there is romantic poems for youth
are you interested definitely my book is intersting many people has said
Also, like to know do you have web site? What is the companies name that professionally design it and printed it? Would like to go to the web sites.
i am planning to have a website i dont have one
i have done self publishing work so if you purchase the book
you will get the details .
ok my husband asked me to sell for one US $Plus postage
so if you order one copy you can find whatever info you want


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