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I recently contacted 5 local bookstores and 3 have agreed to sell some of my books. One of them will take the book on consignment. Has anyone had any problems with this type of there any other way? The other two stores are owned by friends so there isn't an issue.

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I had one bookstore/gift store sold one of my books. However, they would put my at bottom of the self and it would only sell one every month. I had alot discrimmation from the lady that work there unfortuntely. Two I have one right now but not like really regular bookstore. They are also at the bottom of a shelve. Both on Consigment at the time. However, other like christian bookstores wouldn't sell my book which didn't surprise me knowing why a black woman expose to Discrimmation before. However, I didn't give up I try a gift shop and the lady was black and she sold on my books but other didn't sell there after. So, I was disappointed then one I just went to her store and browse and didn't see my book no where. That explained why. sigh... then Few month to year I thought trying out of town. The I thought would work ok. It was a Christian bookstore own by couple. And one sold but I was told that my book was to thin and wasn't done professional like paperback and they will selling only books with ISBN and bare code on it. So, I told thank you for giving me a chance. ANd decided to just selling online instead and at events. but that makes it hard when you can afford paying fees to sell your book which may not sell. Then you lost money.

if anyone has suggest please let me know or offers from bookstores to sell my book for me on consigment.
Hi Feon, I would like to start by saying I am sorry you haven't had much luck...but I believe the venue that will truly benefit you hasn't shown itself yet and maybe being on this network of authors will help...I to believe you have been at the target end of discrimination because I and my older son (he is part black, part white) have experienced it in many ways; however while he was growing up, our attitudes remained positive and it has made us both stronger. Both of us still believe in ourselves and know whenever the right time comes for us to benefit we are open to accepting it. I truly hope I can help you find avenues for you to sell your books and hopefully at no cost to you...but obviously I cannot promise anything, but I will keep my eyes and ears open....I do believe deeply in "pay it forward"...a wise woman once said, "If you constantly point the finger, in blame, at others for the disappointment you feel, then your hand won't be open to accept the good"...I wish you the best of luck....
Hello Feon. I mean my comments in the most constructive way possible, so please do not be hurt or offended, but as I read your post here, I see quite a few errors in grammar, typos and wrong words. I understand that this is just a networking forum, but I find myself wondering if your book might have some of the same little problems. As I said earlier, I by no means intend to hurt you, tear you down or discourage your writing and selling, but may I ask if your book is thoroughly edited? Did you edit it yourself or pay someone?

Maybe it just needs a little tweaking in order to get more approval from more retailers.

I also noticed those problems that G.H. Monroe commented on and thought the same things.

I understand your concerns. I would suggest getting your ISBN # and copyrights so you don't continue to have those issues. Also, I would suggest utilizing POD (Print On Demand) to do your books and promote online to save $$$. Try They will make the book and list you on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You split the cost with them, but you books will get distribution internationally but you will not be out of allot of upfront money.

Shoot me a message, I would like to know more about your book.
I do not doubt at all that you have experienced discrimination in your life. That is very sad. I am curious though how you know that the reason some of the bookstores did not carry your books was discrimination. At least one who did try to sell your book told you they felt that it wasn't professional enough. Have you considered that maybe that is why the other stores did not want to sell it?
LIke to say thank you both you for understanding and being compassionate. I also, appreciate whatever you can do cindy. And I will contact you private as well. I also am taught growing up Christian morals and values, despite what I had face and in life. And David you pointed out a very, very good question. I actually, felt that my books aren't profesionally done like the ones in the store with the ISBN and bare code. I was considering going to and upload one of my books and pay for one to get idea what it would look like. And correct any errors. However, to be honest use the money did make from any sales toward supply like copy paper, ink etc. I am just praying for miracle. however, that depends on many books I do sell attending events. There is no other income but what I get for my health.
have you tried publish america? I wish you the best and together with others on this site we will both succeed and one day look back at all the frustration and difficulty we endured and laugh....
Actually, I did try Publish America.. unfortuntely the royalites weren't fair. Even though, I didn't want whole lot. But I felt it wasn't still fair seeing I written the book. And I also read I could go with another company as well after a period too. I don't know what others experience was with publish amercia, but I would like a fair deal seeing I am the one that wrote it. Maybe, try again later if this doesn't work out. I am at my wits end actually.
Feon I realize the royalties don't seem fair seeing that you wrote the book, but like any business they incur all the initial costs to edit the book, print it, design the cover and supply the ISBN number. It is a dog eat dog world and we do what we can....things will work out....
I think that if you're determined to self-pub, consider before going with PublishAmerica - they've had a pretty bad track record of not offering a decent discount to encourage bookstores to carry their titles and have been dragged into court more than once due to not paying royalties!

As you've noted, 8% is pretty shabby as well - most authentic publishers will offer better rates as well as a proper discount of 40% and higher to bookstores.

There are small publishers out there, just be careful of whom you go with. Always check them out with Preditors & Editors and/or Absolute Write to make sure that you don't fall prey to less-than-ethical people!

Good luck!
PublishAmerica is a subsidy house--vanity publisher. Such places rarely are worth it. There are other programs out there now that seem to offer much better options for authors. I know authors who have been very pleased with Nightengale Press, and I'm intrigued with Morgan James Publishing's "entrepreneurial publishing" model (which of course may not be right for every book. Another self-publisher a friend is pleased with is Outskirts Press.

One of my clients has been very frustrated with They have a pricing structure that seems pretty complicated. You have to be careful not to price yourself out of the market, with an POD publisher like Lulu.



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