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I recently contacted 5 local bookstores and 3 have agreed to sell some of my books. One of them will take the book on consignment. Has anyone had any problems with this type of there any other way? The other two stores are owned by friends so there isn't an issue.

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Another think to keep in mind.  Make copies of all the checks you get from the bookstore and bring them when you check on the other books so the manager doesn't say, "I thought we paid you for the last batch?" (when it's a new batch your looking to be paid for) or "Didn't we pay you for the last two?" Get ALL signatures that you left NEW books and that this is not the old batch.  Serously, it doesn't sound like much to get books on consignment, but suddenly, you find the manager has no idea of what sold, and when you got paid. If you're not on top of it with "paperwork and signatures" you will lose money. It's happened to me and it was my fault of not keeping records. 

If you want to contact some great independent local booksellers, check out

John Kremer

Still a good idea: If you want to contact some great independent local booksellers, check out

Actually being new to self-publishing I was just taking a shot in the dark but I created my book, up-loaded it to Createspace, a division of Amazon, and it is listed there and on Amazon. It is POD, Print on Demand, so I didn't have to purchase any hard copies, although I did get 50 for my personal promotioin and use. I paid nothing to have this done because I created the book on their downloadable templates, both the inside pages and cover, front and back. They converted it into a PDF at no charge, gave me a ISBN at no charge. Except for the $25 I paid for their extended marketing plan, which was optional, I was out nothing.


I got my shipment of books this morning and I am quite pleased. It was every bit as good as my masters. My cost when I want to buy a book is only $2.15 each. I can live with that. Shipping was fast. I published my book on December 28th and my 50 copies were delivered on January 5th. With the New Year's Day holiday and one Sunday in that time frame, I think that all happened pretty fast. Hope this gives you some information and options.

Hi, Glen,

  I like self-publishing with CreateSpace, too. I took an old manuscript of mine and published it through them and loved the book, the end product, plus it's affordable!

  As an aside, I had my books in two local bookstores here and they both closed down due to the economy! Not easy times for us writers or for anyone!

I use CreateSpace and am now going to check out LSI. Thanks!

Carlo V diceva: Parlo in spagnolo con Dio, in francese con gli uomini, in tedesco col mio cavallo, in italiano con le donne.

I would love to see more authors share their experiences working with local bookstores, independent bookstores, indie booksellers, as well as the mass market B&N. If you found something that worked, please share it. That way all of us benefit.

John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books




I'm having a problem with bookstores wanting me to book sign. No reason given. I leave my media kit (talks on "The Effect of Alcoholism on the Whole Family" after losing my husband and daughter from their addiction.  I have a full platform and all I hear is, "We'll contact you." I call with no call backs?



Don't leave with a "We'll contact you." Ask them to set a date. Bookstores are notoriously busy and rarely get back to authors. So ask for a commitment right away. Tell them why you need to schedule things now (because you, too, are busy).

Give them an idea of the % of their customers who are likely affected by alcoholism. I suspect it's a big number.

John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books




Thank you, John.  I'll remember that.

Have authors found it hard to do your book in Create Space on your own. Is it better to have the sides Justified? I was told the formatting is better if you do the e-book first and then the paperback. Any ideas.  I'll start trying next week.




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