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I recently contacted 5 local bookstores and 3 have agreed to sell some of my books. One of them will take the book on consignment. Has anyone had any problems with this type of there any other way? The other two stores are owned by friends so there isn't an issue.

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Well, I´m with all of those and have two books with them. My third will be out in the middle of May, and that will be with them also. I´m also on which is postage free.
Never heard of Will check it out. Thanks Glenn,
I´ve tried to offer my books to local bookshops; they all want the books on a sale-or-return basis, and most of them want 30% of the cover price as well. My publisher will sell me one of my books for 5.50 and they retail at 7.90. This doesn´t include postage and packing. So, without the postage, I would make 3 cents (this is all in euros, by the way, but it would all be pro-rata). As you can see, this doesn´t mean I will be able to retire and live on a cruise-ship off the Florida Keyes (which would be nice). Usually the stores are good in that they will put up posters and some have arranged for me to do book signing. One of them, the biggest, is not so keen. They neither put up posters or accept my offer of a book signing. When I go in, my book is shoved in the far corner, well away from anyone. Why this is so, I have no idea. They also take 35%, which means I make a loss on every book sold. It is all very frustrating. Basically, we are wholesalers as well as authors if we are with a small, independant publisher. They simply can´t afford to churn out 1000 books and distribute them. It is extremely difficult, especially nowadays when people think seriously before parting with their money. But, you have to ask, are we in this to make buckets of money, or are we in it to make a name for ourselves? I´m with the latter group, hopeful that someone from Random House will see my potential and sign me up! And then...the Florida Keyes...
A lot of book store owners want the name known already so if you're new to the scene they figure sales won't come. I hear you about the amount you're making at these stores as I battle with myself everyday about the cost of exposure. Is it better to take the hit now to get your name out there and books selling planning on coming out with more and being put to the front of the shelf then? Or is it better to keep knocking on other doors until someone takes pity on you, takes less commission and actively tries to sell your work?
Book stores generally do consignments because they don't want to invest any money in the book. Depending on the percentage, it can work well for both sides. I have my book at several stores - they take out 10% of each sale, they collect and pay the sales tax, then pay me the remainder. All I have to do is keep them stocked with books - I love getting checks in the mail from the sales!

You do need to go by the store and check the placement of your book every so often. And it is always better to have any agreement in writing, so there are no misunderstandings.

Good luck!
I have contacted several local bookstores and have been able to place my book on consignment. My goal is to eventually get the stores to buy my book out right but for now I am trying to get my name out so even being on consignment gives me the ability to say on my website that my book is available at this store.

I've sold books on consignment before, and didn't have a problem. Just make sure you keep good records. Have something showing how many books you left at the store, on what date, and make sure it's signed by a manager.
I've had two nonfiction books about Alzheimer's disease in a local bookstore for a couple years now. At first, the owners took the books on consignment, but they had people interested in my topic so after selling several of my books, now they take a few at a time and pay me for them then call me when they need more. Since my books were they only ones they had on this topic that has helped.
That is such great advice. Now, get a testimonial from that bookseller. And use that testimonial to sell more bookstores on carrying and selling your book.

For a list of the top 25 bookstores in the U.S., click here:
You're fortunate to get on the shelf in brick and mortars. As a small press writer, my local chain bookstores won't stock my books without Corporate ok and a slash of 50% to the publisher off the top, who isn't willing to take the hit.

I do have a consignment agreement with a local Game and Comic Book store, and one of the few Independent bookstores in the area.
That's awesome! Why don't you see if you can set up book signing events at the stores that have accepted your book? I had issues with consignment selling once, but that was primarily because the store was out in the 'boonies', unpopular and there was no real marketing efforts done for the book, so no one knew where to get it. As far as I know, stores will take books on consignment or will pre-order from your distributor if you give hefty discounts and solid buy-back policies on unsold books. Hope this helps. Feel free to connect directly with me to talk about more online selling tools and selling avenues beyond bookstores; my email is
GREAT! Gives me hope, I am almost there with my paperbacks and need to look at local bookstores to sale it in soon...I have one online bkstore and they are great and an epublisher store....but I wonder how things will go when I talk with Barnes n Noble:)



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