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I recently contacted 5 local bookstores and 3 have agreed to sell some of my books. One of them will take the book on consignment. Has anyone had any problems with this type of there any other way? The other two stores are owned by friends so there isn't an issue.

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I have had a terrible time trying to format my books on Create Space. I am seriously considering having the staff at Create Space do it for me so my books look more professional.

I hope I don't run into that problem. I did see another's authors book and his looked awful. He didn't justify his ms and it came out cheap looking. I will  make sure a get a copy in print before I okay everything. I was also told from someone that going from paperback to Kindle is a poor format to start with e-book download first.

Check out the new Booksellers Recommend series of blog posts at Ask the Booksellers: It's a great way to get the attention of indie bookstores. Besides the listings on the Ask the Booksellers website, the promo also is emailed to 600 top independent bookstores.

John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books




What does an Author do, when a seller on Ebay, just sold 1 of my books as a First Edition for $75.00 ?

This was a lie and I protested to Ebay and Amazon to no avail...

Authors have little recourse in those cases.

I've tried getting misleading book reviews off Amazon for years to no avail. Reviews with outright lies.

I've learned to live with them. You could always post a notice on Reddit or such saying that First Editions of your book don't have to sell for $75. And how they can get one directly from you - signed.

(Actually, I would love $75- for my signed copy, so I will post that on Amazon and e-bay, if I Can...)  Thanks for writing back...daniel 

Or make it $72 or $67, a little cheaper, but direct from the author - and signed!

I have many books on consignment with bookstores. The only problem that occurs is when YOU don't keep records on how many books you left, and how many were sold. If you don't visit once a month, managers even forget what was sold. I always left 5 books and didn't want to be paid until they were all gone. That way whenI went into the store if 3 were there, I knew 2 sold, etc. 



Monday, October 7, 2013


Alberta Sequeira’s book What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict: In Their Own Words is finally available on in paperback.  Her Launch Day is Monday, October 7, 2013.  The more people who purchase her book on that given date may help her rise to the Best Seller’s list.  Send this email to your family, friends, and social media groups.  Christmas is around the corner.  Add a book to their gift.  




     Do you ever wonder why some alcoholics and drug addicts recover and put their lives together while others die from this horrible worldwide problem? What gives them the physical and mental strength to fight this battle and come out winning? These questions, and the author’s tragedy from losing her husband and daughter from their alcohol abuse, encouraged this writing.  

     Here is a book, not only for the substance abusers, but for family members, society, doctors, and counselors to learn, not only what the addict is looking for with support to help them through with their recovery, but new ways to help the addicted. You will learn that childhood emotional wounds mold us into what we become in adulthood. What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict is a book of personal stories from thirty-four alcoholics and drug users from all walks of life.

Go to:

Alberta H. Sequeira was born in Pocasset, MA.  Her father, Albert L. Gramm, was a One Star Brigadier General in the Army, and spent her childhood in various towns across different states traveling.  Ms. Sequeira is a four-time award winning author and an Awareness Coach on substance abuse for private and public events.  She is the producer, director and co-host to the NBTV-95 Cable TV Station out of New Bedford, Massachusetts.  She has written three memoirs, A Spiritual Renewal, Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round with a sequel, Please, God, Not Two.





Looks like a book that's needed by quite a few people. I presume your book is aimed at their friends and families as well as direct to the addicts themselves.

Hello John,

Yes, this book is written by 34 alcoholic and drug addict to help another. I decided to write What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict because I started wondering why some alcoholics and drug addicts recover and put their lives together while others die from this horrible worldwide disease. What gives them the physical and mental strength to fight the battle and come out winning while others die from it?

If I had all these questions after losing two loved ones from this disease, there had to be other families who were frustrated trying to find ways to help a loved one with substance abuse or lost someone from their addiction. They must have or had the same questions as myself. Lets face it, when someone dies, we touchier ourselves with “What could I have done to have helped them more? What did I do wrong?”

What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict will give many answers to family members or those connected to the life of the addicted ways to learn how to open up and communicate with the drinker or drug user, especially as soon as we see there is a problem. I would have handled Lori’s drinking much differently, if I knew what was going on in the mind of an alcoholic, because Lori never opened up to any of us or allowed us in her counseling sessions. I had to lose her and my husband to get to the point of reaching out to the only persons who could help; the alcoholic themselves, one alcoholic helping another or helping family members see who they are and what they need.

I want doctors, counselors and family members to read the book and see if there maybe a better way to helping the addicted. I want to see the death rate drop. I want families to have the answers that I never got before my husband and daughter died. I want society to stop looking down at alcoholic and drug users as losers. They’re sick. People forget that substance abusers were once in a happy family life, were once loved by many friends, held a good paying job, or had the same desires for a future as anyone else in this world.

The best intention of friends, family, lovers and co-workers can be a healthy support or obstacle to long-term sobriety. What better source of insight and understanding could there be than the thoughts and beliefs of those afflicted with the disease? There is none. The contributors writing their stories give a remarkable education into what a substance abuser needs and wants from all of us, including the professionals.

I truly believe with the substance abusers telling their stories on what didn’t and doesn’t work in their recovery would be a most helpful addition to the literature on the subject of addition and recovery. I would love to see the book placed in schools starting from grammar grades to universities. If What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict is placed in school libraries, it would help people suffering in silence with their own addiction to find one of the 34 contributors stories relating to them and say, “That’s me.”

If it gets into the classrooms, it would be an educational topic for discussions. Students who are using without anyone’s knowledge, can talk openly about their alcohol and drug addiction without admitting they are struggling with the habit, because it would become a classroom assignment. The more we bring addiction out in the open the less negative stigma it will have on the alcoholic. Lori could not connect the word “Alcoholic” to her. If something isn’t working, we need to change the action and all countries are trying to find ways just to get control of this illness. It isn’t working.

I hope it spreads and becomes a handbook for the addicted and families. AA and Al-Anon has a hard way to get in their doors.  This book would be a great help to both organizations. I have to keep trying.

Thank you, John, for the interest to comment!

Hello John,

Yes, the addicts talk to other substance abusers, doctors, counselor, society and the family members on what they need to get out of denial and recover. They tell what they feel is and hasn't worked in recovery programs.



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