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I know it exists.....I've had minor bouts of it from time to time. After taking off about a year to deal with a serious health issue I'm stuck in "STALL" and would appreciate any tips you writers might have on how to jumpstart my creative side. I also paint (oils, pen&ink) and can't seem to get creative in that department either. I guess that's "Artist's Block" ????? Anyway, please share your secrets and I'll be forever grateful.

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Pam, since we are friends, I know your background with the illness, and I also have the privilege of knowing your work. Congrats on overcoming this serious illness and WINNING! Wuhooo! I know we've talked before about giving yourself some space and time to fully recover and heal, so that's a given, but I'll also share with you what I do when the MIS (muse is missing).

I read what others in my genre are doing/writing. It helps to stimulate my creative side and also gives me a heads up on the "issues" that other humorist are leaning towards. Seems they travel in "sets" with issues and let one humorist write about it and the rest of the world does. Go figure....but it keeps me current.

Another thing I do is write something OUT of my genre. Its great exercise for my feeble mind, and quite honestly, makes me appreciate writing humor. After I stumble through writing something of a serious nature, I am SOOO ready to get back to laughter. Ew.

One more thing I'll add is that sometimes I just take a break. Period. I spend the time with my family, friends, or I just hang out at home and do whatever. But I don't go near the computer. Think about it. We writer's WRITE about 365 days of the year....what does it hurt to take a few days off...a month....? Especially after what you've been through.

I say don't be so hard on yourself and embrace the fact that you are healed and enjoy! The Muse will return. They always do. We're writers...its what we do. It define us and is part of our soul.

Lastly, pray ... then be still and listen.

Love you dearly. JJ
JJ you are always the voice of've been such a huge help to me through everything and your advice is always from the heart (AND pertinent!). I keep pushing myself to write or paint and I know I just need to "BAAAAAAACK AWAY" and be patient. If I'm meant to write a mystery series, I will......when it's ready to make the transition from my head to my keyboard it will......patience is a virtue and I need to develop that virtue!

As always, THANKS for your pep talk. People - this lady knows what she's talking about - trust me. And if you ever need a giggle or feel like you are the only person who "stuff" happens to, read JJ's awesome book and visit her website - she is truly the Queen of Experiences.

Hai pamela ,
the writer block as you say exists because
we think that our work is not appreciated we have a blank picture
I also had a blank picture what is the use of typing on the computer and nobody
not knowing about it so I had writer blocks
than i came to script writing I said to myself write a script which you will enjosy
and believe me I wrote a script within one month ah but now i have to
i am praying God that I should sell my script for a decent amount
Good luck Padma.......I have never written a script but I'm sure it's quite a challenge! I hope you meet your goal of selling the script soon. Writers Block is a big hurdle, but once you've broken through, you can continue doing what you love to do - writing! Thanks for your input and your suggestion.
You are too kind and I'm so humbled by your words. You are also too modest when it comes to your work. To run the risk of us sounding like a mutual admiration society of TWO, I have to say that I have your debut book and know how well you write. I'm afraid i was one of those fans who bugged you without ceasing to continue the series. Forgive? But you have talent abound and I know your readers will be glad to see you "back i the saddle" again...Or should I say Bailey? It will happen. Be kind to yourself. You've been through so much this past year and a half.

I too want to say good luck to Padma. And listen, you are not the first person who I have heard of that took up script writing to overcome writer's block. How smart of you to find this substitution that allows your creative side to go off in a different direction, but keeps you in the "game" of writing. I salute you! I think this is a great tip for writers and know everyone here is grateful that you shared this.

I pray the buyer for your script is swift in reaching you. Onward!
Thanks again JJ......I know that I'll be ready to start my second book soon.....I just KNOW it! Thanks to everyone for their's been of immeasurable help - believe me.

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