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I've written a bare-naked, truth-filled (non-fiction) book that begins with the suicide of my young son, and grabs the reader by the hand to drag them along the journey through the trenches and eventually to conscious survival. I would be less vulnerable to stand naked in the auditorium and read diary pages to my peers, or to a Senate of conservatives....
Anyone relate?

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My novel The Return also has references to karma and reincarnation, episodes of talking to two who have crossed over, and their description of the astral world. The Return actually has more than one meaning. The two sisters return to where their parents had been murdered, but their dead mother and the perpetrator's spirit return to talk to Lydia. And her mother's spirit makes plans to return to another incarnation. I've had mixed reactions to The Return. Some have been unable to grasp the talking to the dead parts, others have felt very comfortable and couldn't put the book down. So, I have some discomfort in doing a reading, wondering what kind of audience I can attract. Margaret Guthrie
Margaret, The Return sounds like something I would read, AND, it is definitely a book I would have sold from my Angel Store. We did quite well with books, in spite of the fact that we had a HUGE Barnes & Noble move in a block away. We carried very specific books, and our customer service was perfection. We could special order a book through Book People, and have it delieverd in 2 days; that, B & N could not do. ;-)
I know your book, The Return, and my book, Blessings In The Mire, will have a definite audience. With that said, do you recall when Oprah was going through a big change and was focused on sprituality. She had guests like, Gary Zucov, and other very sweet souls. Oprah got spooked off her calling by the nay sayers who protested taht she was pushing religion. When the folks promoting The Secret were on her show recently, Oprah's first words were (paraphrased) that she had been doing this all her life and did not know it was a "secret." She is right; there's no secret. The zeitgeist is NOW for your novel, for my non-fiction work, and for people to open their hearts to what is. You can do book signings at a number of places.
I think you're right, about the nay sayers. I'm willing to do book signings, and I have a "talk" all written out. I'm not so good at spontaneous talking. How did you advertise in your Angel Store for an unknown author ? Did the author get a write up in the local paper ahead of time, which is one thought I've had. I do think I'll soon have a signing here in Estes Park, CO, and if Sandra Sanchez, my publisher gets some readings set up I will definitely do them. Now that winter is probably over (can't ever be sure until after April around here) I think things will pick up. Thanks for the encouragement. I've just experienced two very interesting things - one a body talk session and the other a hand reading. In both cases I'm told I am creative and meant to be a leader, through writing, but have things holding me back. So true. But I'm going to try to overcome them - in this lifetime. Margaret Guthrie
Margaret, Years after my son died from a self-inflicted bullet to his head I had a grand daughter born. On the side of her head is a circle, a stark-white albino shock of hair where a bullet could have passed. She is now 8 years old and asked her mother, "you know that albino spot on my head? Why does it hurt sometimes? It feels like a rotten apple...." My sweet daughter, her mother thinks she means like a bruised apple. Just something to ponder when thinking of reincarnation....
Margaret, I am new and it shows. I try to write to you and I hope you receive it, in this case, twice about different things.
From my angel store, MANY unknown authors brought in books to be sold on consignment. I would simply read the book, and it was then quite easy to sell it to my customer base. We also had a great window for hanging flyers of local events as well as a small bulletin board just inside the front doors. Anyone was allowed to post their business card, or a small flyer on the bulletin board. We supported all the local artists, and they in turn supported us. We had great reviews in the little neighborhood papers, in the alternative papers, and via word of mouth. We also had great street traffic as a post office was directly across the street. There are many small venues that would love to promote you and your book. It is not too intimidating to speak at small venue book stores, or the likes. The body and the hand readings were events akin to what we would sponsor in the angel emporium. It is like an underground of like-minded folks and when they hear of you, the word spreads like a cliche of wild fires. The speaking becomes easier too, by the way. I have spoken to entire university auditoriums, at the State Legislative sessions, etc., and at little one on one settings. YOU are the SPECIALIST. Look in the mirror and repeat until you BELIEVE it! ;-)
That's so encouraging. Thanks. Since my last entry I have volunteered to do a poetry reading in April and written a blurb for the local paper, and arranged for a reading of The Return for June 2 at the local library. I've also found a free magazine for a near-by town, the Healing Path, for Earth, Body, Mind & Spirit but haven't had time to look at the copy. So I feel like things are beginning to move. And I got a book order in the mail today for The Return. Every one counts!

And Deelstra, your granddaughter's head spot sounds significant. Very interesting. Margaret
Margaret! How exciting! Now I feel like I have a lot to learn from you! I will write a little blurb for my local Tribune. Today an order of marketing supplies arrived: book marks, business cards, post cards announcing the book, and a couple of posters for placing in the windows of venues that will agree to sell Blessings In The Mire. Send an update in April letting me know how that reading goes! I sincerely am excited for you, and I KNOW that vibrational level is contagious in attracting all the right elements towards our successes.
Warm Regards!


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