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While Waiting for an Agent/Publisher- A Question

Hi. I have written a book and am now shopping it to agents. I went to a conference and the advice I got about this stage was to send it out and move on. In other words, the book is written, it's in agent's hands and now it's time to think of other writing. I'm just curious about the experience of you all. Did you do this? I'm finding it hard to move on. I guess I'm a "finish one thing before moving on kind of a person." But that doesn't work so well for writing.

Any ideas?

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I haven't had the optional to send an manscript to a agent. However, I haven't written a novel or fiction book. Most of my writing is poetry, creative writing I self-publish myself by selling it as e-book or printed. I mostly attend when I am able craft events, vendors if affordable. Otherwise, I do my best to selling if anything through my web site my craft. If I had finances I would submit my manscript to a company to have it published. And that would be taken care of everything that I wouldn't able to accomplish on my own.


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