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I'm wondering how hard it is to sell your book overseas when it's self published and what rights you give to overseas publisher. If you lose your control over the book by doing this, and
is it profitable to do so.

Anyone who has sold their books to any other country out there....

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I will say I am sell a friend's poetry book that live in Ontario, Canada. She sweet, loving Christian poet. She ask if I was willing to design her a book and sell it for her on my site. I as loving child of Christ was think of all the if not's but all that was nothing to do Jesus work. So, I we discuss details and from there I design it and now its for sale on my site. I have chose of for the buyers to buy from canada, pound sterling, Euros as well Us dollars thru paypal or credit card, e check. I also send her two of my books to sell for me in addition, so far I haven't had any sales. However, I also undestand that Long as you have Copyright info you are protected. And I also know that with ISBN it identifies the book title and name of author. But the bare code gets the book in bookstores. And listing them in the books of print increase sales due to the bookstores data bases that finds the books and buy so many of them from you or the distributor. I hope I have cover everything. Looking forward to your reply.
thanks for the info. I meant to sell to a foreign publisher in an english speaking country....
Thanks Shirley


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