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Here are a few points I have find helpful to help me in writing for my newspaper column four times a week which I believe can be transferred to writing an ezine. Some of you have your own ezine and know if these points will be helpful or work.

I would love to her from you and what works for you. Once we start the ezine we want to keep it interesting and fresh. Look forward to your comments.

1) I keep a “developing articles” file that I add to throughout the week. Often the best ideas hit me for the next column when I'm not writing.

2) Be on the watch for breaking news releases or news worthy to be analyzed.

3) Do keyword research to identify related topics to the primary topic that I can write about.

4) Use comments sent in to my column or forums, or my blog, to create new topical ideas to explore.

5) Use my column or in the ezine, have an ASK THE EXPERT section to see what people write in about and want to hear.

If you have time to read my column just copy and paste:

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Thank you Charlotte. I have a co-host on one of my weekly podcasts and the same thing happens... we look at each other (sort of since we're on the phone) and both say ~ So, what shall we talk about today?

It does help when people write in and give ideas; best ideas for me come when in the shower or out walking (have a notebook or digital recorder handy)... or something I read I make notes on.

You write 4 times a week, huh? I'm lax in putting out my Weekly Revvellations... Getting over that now.. and adding a monthly ezine to that as well.

thanks for this thread and your ideas,

Good ideas...brainstorming. Thanks, Revvell. You mentioned that you are adding a monthly ezine to your To-Do list. Best of luck!

I am trying to decide how to go with an ezine. Do you have any suggestions for templates, formats, etc ? There seems to be so much out there. Any suggestions appreciated. When is your weekly podcasts? I'd like to listen depending on the time-Turkey is 8 to 10 hours ahead of U.S.

If you have time here is my column link for my article on Get Me Out of the Kitchen!
Hi Charlotte,

All my shows are taped and archived so you can listen anytime day or night. Just go to and there's a list of them there.

I received a newsletter from someone in my mastermind group and she says she did it with Constant Contact. I know quite a few use it and love it. I don't know if the cost will be different for you. Here, it's free if your list is under 100. 100-500, it's $15/month ~ $30 for up to 2500. My husband transfered my list last night for me. Now, I just need to upload it and get my first weekly revvellation out on it. Well, actually, first I need to get him out of bed, then have him upload it. < g >

Maybe someone has a better idea for email lists and newsletters?

Nice conversation here, eh?


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