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I need to get some reviews of my novel for promotions and all. I wonder if anyone would be up for reviewing five chapters and the synopsis. I realize reading the whole book is asking a lot. I'd be willing to do the same for your book.

Email me if you'd be up for it. Thanks for your time and all. I love this place.

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Book Reviewing is a hard task, and requires a different skill from being an author. I know - I do one every week for a national newspaper here in Turkey! The difficulty is making the review of interest to the reader ... the last thing you want to do is use a variant of the "I like this book because...." hackneyed phrase. On the other hand I find the standard reviews we receive from all the publishers equally tiresome. It is amazing how many "unrivaled" titles can be published in just one week!

Best of luck with this idea.
Thank you for the insight. The publishers reviews always sound so polished. I think they often lose sight of the personal reaction to a book. It's why reviewers from real people in magazine articles and elsewhere sound so appealing.

Hi Julie,
i am interesting in reviewing your book .
is it fiction or non fiction but give me a week's time
Hi Padma,
Thank you. Yes, the book is fiction. It will be published in a couple of weeks. I'll send you the digital copy then if that'd work for you. The print version should be available by the Christmas holidays, but I'd really love to get some reviews in place before then.

Hi Julie,
you e-mail your digital copy I will definitely give you
a review
Hi Don,
Thank you. I'll send you a review copy. Do want a review for your book as well?

Hi Don,
Yes, I'd like to read a few chapters. It sounds fascinating and not the normal thing I read. Your website promo hooked me right into the story! What a great promo.




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