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I just wanted to share my exciting good news that the League of Utah Writers recently gave recognition to my new book, How Often Would I Have Gathered You, by giving it the 2007 "Our History--Our Heritage Publication Award" for religious nonfiction. The book is a collection of more than 220 stories from the Old Testament for adults and young adults. The stories, in modern English, are written in chronological sequence, to the extent possible, and without fictionalizing or embellishment. They are written primarily for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but are also relevant to others who love the Old Testament. Learn more on my web site,

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Congratulations! That is an achievement to be proud of!
So pleased for you to hear of your achievement. Congratulations. Trust many are touched by the book.
Thank you, Charlotte. I feel very honored. I think it helps to have your book identified as an award winner. It certainly provides another opening for discussion. There have been many who have expressed appreciation for the book. My hope and my efforts are to greatly expand that number. You can read some of the comments that people have made on my web site (see the "about me and my book" page).

Thanks again and lots of luck.
Thanks, acagedheart. I appreciate your note. I feel greatly honored to have my book shcosen for this award. Having an award can help in the promotion of a book. It provides one more avenue to tap and one more opportunity to tell people about the book and to let them look it with a more appreciative eye. Thanks again for your kind words, and lol.

I had an exhibitor's table at the Great Salt Lake Book Festival last Saturday. It did not go really well---attendance was down from past years, in spite of a wonderful program---and the people who run the festival put the exhibitors (except the bookstores) in an out-of-the-way place where we got very little traffic. I think many attendees did not even know we were there. I certainly did not sell enough books to pay for my exhibition space, but it was good for networking and I made some good friends. I wanted to share that my wife and I wore T-shirt that had a picture of my book cover on the front and message on the back reading, "Ask me about this award winning book of Old Testament Stories." The shirts created some interest and I thing they have some good possibilities for a variety of occasions. Has anyone else done this to any advantage?

Thanks for sharing your success with us. Congratulations,
Congratulations! What a nice honor.


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