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Hey all!

I need a few people to interview. I'm doing a special on on publishing. I've already interviewed someone who used BookSurge. Now, I'd like to interview others who used other POD's, self-published or used an agent/publisher.



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Hey everyone!!! Thank you for your responses. I'm not ignoring you... just getting ready for a cruise and a seminar and I don't think I'll have internet access for the week + I'll be gone. I will get back to you as soon as I play "catch-up" on my return.

Thank you for taking the time to respond; listen to my podcasts, and be who you are. :)


Hello Revvell,  I am interested in being interviewed.  I am the Publisher of Coastal Winds Publishing House and have been in business for one full year as of this month.  I have recently released an inspirational children's book "An Angel for Joey" ISBN 978-0-578-08040-6 that is being printed POD by Lightning Source with distribution.  I market and promote my authors and their books via social networks and webpage, along with setting up author events for the authors newcast and newspapers.  But as of today,  I really learned a lesson about being a POD publisher  - not saying any thing bad against Lightning Source - on the contrary, they have been wonderful to work with!  My book is being sold online by B&N, Books-A-Million, Amazon, and I'm not sure yet about Baker & Taylor.  I contacted my local B&N to set up an author event and everything was going fine up to the point I received a date of Dec 10th at 11:00.  Great time on a saturday.  But as soon as the event coordinator got on her computer, B&N's Book Master Program was showing the book non-returnable.  What?!  Not so!  I had to contact Lightning Source who was kind enough to send me proof my book is returnable, and not only that, her pricing for shelving the book was not the price on the book.  B&N's requirement is that the price of the book has to show above the barcode, and that was done!  I was so excited about having my book with B&N - what an honour!  I contacted the event coordinator again and informed her that the book is returnable.  She ended up giving me the phone number to corporate in New York.  So I got corporate office in New York on the phone who indicated the book is showing "returnable" so we contacted the store again and the store was informed that since the book is returnable, the book can be placed in the store.  The coordinator let corporate know of what her findings were on the computer, and then the  discussion of POD.  Oh my!  Since the book is POD, it can be ordered to the store, but not returned to the warehouse as a returnable.  Is your mind blown yet?  Mine was!  I called Lightning Source again and asked will you please call and get this straightened out?  "No!  You are the publisher, you do it!"  Ok.  I got on the phone again and was referred to the Media Press Coordinator who makes the final decision whether your book is displayed.  I was told that my book and any book that is POD has to be sent to her with  2-3 page of what makes your book different; why should they sale your book in the store; what do you think will be a selling factor about your book; as far as marketing, what are you doing to promote your book, and what have you done?  Then you have to wait for the decision which can range from one to two weeks.  So for self and/or small publishers, you have to take the extra step especially with POD.  I have read that the concern about POD is quality.  I can tell you that Lightning Source works with you closely, provides quality you expect,  and you do get a preview of your book which, yes, cost for each revision, printing, and mailiing.  I like the idea of POD since the books are also not sitting in a warehouse, but being a POD publisher is harder to get your book sold and placed in the stores. How disappointing is that?  Is POD the right way to go now?  We will see what happens within the next couple weeks.  I can say for sure that each and everyday as a publisher and author, you learn something new.  As a small publisher and self-publishers, we are scrutinized more.  It's harder for us to be noticed, unless you are like me with a big mouth and aim for a 'yes'  vs  'no'.  I have made this business my sole business and have placed my heart and soul into being the publisher an author would be proud to use for their book.  I stand firm for the small and self publishers because I feel whole-heartedly that everyone deserves a chance at whatever career choice they may desire.  I stand behind Lightning Source because they provide quality and there is no sense in warehousing books for cost effectiveness.  I worked in the music industry for many a year and I know what it takes to get noticed, the importance of marketing and promotion.  It is no different in the literary world.   You have to stand up strong amongst your peers to be noticed.  Fight for what you want and what I want is a publishing house that is respected and my books to be  sitting on the shelves in book stores.


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