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I'm just curious. How many people who have read this site have purchased a book mentioned? I must admit I haven't yet. But the web is new. Margaret Guthrie

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I haven't yet. I also love mostly devotional, creative writing and Christian poetry books. Then other types.
And I also understand not alot read poetry books either. But I know any thing is possible by the hand of GOD.
I've not either yet I am in the process of reading quite a few as I've been receiving them in advance of having the authors on my podcast

IF you are looking for a REALLY good one, I'd suggest The Mango Tree Cafe by Taryn Simpson who is on this site.

I have now purchased a book that I learned about through this web site. It is Dr. Amaal V.E. Tokars, America & Iraq: Seduced by Fear. Though published in 2007, she started it after 9/11 and it is basically a study on how the administration and its friends used misinformation and fear to rouse the American public to be for the invasion of Iraq. Now many books and articles are letting us know the same thing.

My The Return is a novel with spiritiual references, especially themes of reconciliation and forgiveness. It is a mystery but ponders what truth is, how it is different for different people. Also has some commentary on war and its devestation.
I'm curious what this book says about truth being different for different people.

truth is that which conforms to reality. how can that be different for different people?
That would be because each person's perception of reality is different ~ but then, this would be a topic for another thread as this discussion would be hi-jacking this one.

Ah, so the perception of truth is different for different people. Not truth itself. That I can certainly buy.

Well, that's my perception. < big grin >


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