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I'm doing a number of things to promote my books.

First, I should have a Web interview soon on-line. I'll let everyone know when it appears.

Second, I do autographings whenever and wherever I can. Did one in a local coffee shop two weeks ago. This weekend I'm doing one at a local science fiction convention. Next year I do an autographing in March at the Left Coast Crime convention here in Denver, and another at the Denvention 3, the world science fictiion convention being held here in denver. As well, I do panels at each of these venues.

Also, whatever happens, my contacts all get emails telling about it, and I post the news on my website at

This venue doesn't hurt a bit, either.

What sorts of things are you doing to support and generate book sales?

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I'm the one who does the interview. LOL...

For my own books, I have them on my website and I promote them through ALL my podcasts; I also speak ~ and display them ~ at various networking organizations.



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