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I am looking to find a good host for my web site. I understand Google has one, but I cannot find how to apply for it. Any ideas? Appreciate input.

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I have been using for about four years as well. They now host all my websites, including For $19.95 (the plan I use), they host about 30 to 40 websites. I have somewhere around 40 to 50 URLs as the present time, and around 30 are active with They have been very easy to use and when I've had a problem, they've helped immediately. Wonderful service.
Thanks John. Lorne gave me the same host about an hour or so ago, and I have copied the information for future references. By now, I have registered with HostMonster and hope to upload files this week. Am finishing putting the keywords together and then - I hope its green lights.
Thanks again
Hi Renate, I signed up with GoDaddy for my site. It's easy, fairly inexpenseive, and the tech support is great. They called me right after I signed up to see if I needed any help. I have one contact there. I like that consistency.

If you're interested, my site is
Hi Douglas and Marta.
I have godaddy and hostmonster already for some months now and am pleased with the service I receive.
My site address is
Please go on site and enjoy it.
Rebate - A word of caution, don't just go for the cheapest web host around. I've had sites at several and there seems to be a direct correlation between price and service. I had terrible service with 1and1 (one of the cheapest around) but love the attention I get with 2CoolWeb. I used them years ago and came back because they do a great job. Not cheap, but worth the money.


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