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I have decided to open a MySpace site. My problem is which name to use on it. Since quite a few of you are quite active on MySpace perhaps you could help me figure this out.

I am putting up a domain website on my consulting called Reboot Your Life™. My book is called Life is Like Making Chocolate Chip Cookies. My publishing company is called Weaving Dreams Publishing.

So which name should I use? Or should I find one that encompasses them all? Any help is appreciated!!!

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Why don't you make up one for each? I did. I've got 4 ~ so far.

Thank you, Revvell. I thought of doing that but wasn't aware if one could. Doesn't it take quite a bit of time to have that many?

Also, I read the terms and it said no commercial or selling. Isn't that what is being done when promoting a book? I don't want to do anything wrong and be banned from there. *smile*
LOL Well, I guess I didn't read the rules and niether have a lot of people since about 25% of them are something someone is advertising. Look through some profiles and see what they're doing.

Time? Set up takes a bit of time. After that, you can mostly just set it up and, get "friends" and check in every couple of day to add more "friends". Post a "bulletin" every once-in-awhile.


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