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All nine (9) of my books are ready to go!!!! Even in Large Print Editions!!!

Murder, Secrets and Injustice in a Small Town
Print: $12.99

Download: $6.00

Anastasia Cassella-Young’s and Theodocia McLean’s book: ‘Murder, Secrets and Injustice in a Small Town’ accurately depicts small town America with its good and it’s bad. Come follow Ana’s story about murder, secrets and the injustice in the small coastal town of Cherryfield, Maine. Who really murdered Marco, a migrant worker and Sherman Stanhouse? What is the secret Don Terrance wants to tell Ana?

The Rogue Bear & Other Short Stories
Print: $12.99

Download: $6.00

Based on a true story. A rogue bear terrorizing a Downeast Maine ranch of 4 acres. Look into the true life of living with wild animals in the State of Maine. Just Like Grandma helps her grandchildren from being abused by their alcoholic father. Small Blurb is non-fictional about a woman who died on the IRT in NYC. The Writer who follows the immediate futuristic predictions of a painting above his desk. You're Supposed to be Scared' a great Halloween story of mayhem about a horrible trip to a haunted house. From the wild imagination of a Bi-polar Survivor.

Home Cures for Health & Special Household Quick Tips
Print: $12.99

Download: $6.00

This book is not meant as a medical guide. It is as the author intended, a shared version of home cures that have been passed down through her family for generations. These home remedies are proven to work, but the author warns that a person should visit their doctor and discuss all ailments before trying home remedies. If someone chooses to use any, or all of the following home remedies, that is their individual choice. Also included are several quick household tips that come from ordinary, every day products you have. Hate ironing curtains? Hate to untangle Christmas lights? Read more!!!

Anastasia's Mind Fog
Print: $12.99

Download: $7.00

Poetry is full of emotions, feelings and experiences. Anastasia enters all of these into each poem in Anastasia's Mind Fog--romance, confusion, abuse, beauty, love for pets, love for people and actual dreams. Therapists recommend keeping a journal. She maintains her journal in both poetry and short story formats. She wrote her first piece in 1986 after her father passed. Since then, numerous events have taken place in her life and been unearthed during therapy. Poetry is emotional for her and each emotion is in a poem. She hopes that her readers find solace, understanding and knowledge within the pages of this book.

Justice is Served - Sequel to Murder, Secrets and Injustice in a Small Town

Two Sides of a Bi-polar Survivor

Stalk or be Stalked

Letter to My Brother

The Seiners

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Way to go! Your books sound fascinating. Good luck!

Thank you so very much. I can't wait to see them take off further. Have sold about 30 copies total. Thanks for the best wishes.


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