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Is there anyone here who is a PA author and is very unhappy with the publishing company? And if there is, would you explain why?

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Not only have you been a PA author, you are a prevaricator.
Publish America does different things for different people. A majority of the people who go with them don't feel scammed because they believe they are truly published. But, if you do your research, you'll find a few things.

1) Publish America accepts everything sent to them. To prove this point, there was even a group of authors who wrote THE WORST piece of writing in the world. They made sure to make it completely unreadable and have mostly editing mistakes. PA published it.

2) Their books are too expensive. They put books out there for 20 dollars when they're only a few hundred pages. A self-published book (through Lulu) can have the minimum price of 14-something for 500 pages.

3) They take your rights away from you.

I could go on and on and on, but I won't. I personally believe you'd be better off self-publishing than going through Publish America.
what you say is true and false. PA has been good and bad for authors. For some, without PA, they would not be published. In many cases, that would have been wise.
They do what they say they will do, and anyone signing the contract, shouldn't complain. If they assumed something, they were wrong to assume.
I was first published by PA. It was a fluke. I knew nothing about them and didn't expect anything more than what they promised. I had my run ins with them and wouldn't use them again, but what happened to me is my affair. Taking incidents, and making cases out of them, could be done with any company.
They have some big name authors in their stable. Why? Because they want to get published and the big houses are becoming even more difficult to access.
My second book is with a smaller publisher. The biggest difference is they don't promote their books for sale to the author. I will still have to do most of the promotion of my work but they are most cooperative and bend over backwards to help me. That was not the case with PA.
To sum it up. PA is good for some and bad for others. To generalize that they are a bad company is wrong. The biggest complain that I have and willing to air publicly, is that the sales price on their books are unrealistically high. The price increase killed sales for my book.
George Wilder:

I am currently published with Publish America, and her is why, they failed to make corrections that I sent them before the book was published and still refuses to do so after asking me to prove a 50 book order. They do no marketing for the author, and you have no concert was of knowing if your royalty is correct or not.
Finally, the support team is very rude.

Just had a book, "Something Old 'n' Nothing New" published by PA and have been happy with the transaction. Speaking with Books A Million, they said PA was a very good way to go.
Yes I am and will not publish with them ever again. I have since self publish two books a devotional and an inspirational, Heaven Bread and An Expose of The Holy Spirit.

Publish America work is shabby at best, they are arrogant, lacks intergity, and it is hard to speak to a live person when trying to get something resolved.
What I plan to do is publish the book The Lord Is MY Shepherd as an e-book until my contract expires with them then I will publish as a hard copy. Lastly, they increased the price of the book with informing me of the price.



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