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I've found some tricks to media attention in my reading. Others, I had to adapt and find on my own. Let me know what some of you have done. My biggest tip has been news stories. It seems someone is being sexually abused everyday somewhere. It has worked for my book sales, even though I hate those statistics. Also, sponsors are great for book attention.

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The tricks to media attention,far as getting the media involved. Or help in some small way. I very would love to know. This would aid for my books sales and the ministry of donating from sales of my books.
The best way to stay on top of this and then comment is to do Google Alerts on topics related to one's book.

Director and Editor: Bauu Institute and Press
Editor: Indigenous Issues Today
Publisher: New Great Books

I have been using google alerts not only for topics related to my book but also other areas of marketing that provide news items which can present possible subjects for articles. The topics related to my book have provided me with some of the exposure information that I may not have known about. I have not only put topics related to my book but also my name and web site. They have come up several times. Other google alerts I have created relate to topics which interest me. I have also been using yahoo alerts.

Great, yes I also use Google Alerts for a variety of purposes. How is Yahoo alerts? From my understanding they only work for news stories, not for the much wider setting one can have on Google that incorporates blogs, websites, news, and more. Care to share the Yahoo alerts information?

Director and Editor: Bauu Institute and Press
Editor: Indigenous Issues Today
Publisher: New Great Books
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Iv been with them may be about two weeks and I got booked to do a radio show.
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News events and google alerts have been good for me in getting ideas for articles. My topic is integrity and there is much information in the news about the lack of integrity in many news events. My articles have brought attention to my writing and my web site. There have been many radio stations and other media sources accessing my web site for various information. This has helped to bring me more exposure in the search engines. My name associated with my activities typically surfaces around 70% in the first ten pages of google and I did not pay for this exposure. The percentage is higher in the first five pages.



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