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It's a very exciting time for me. I've just published my first book - "What To Do When You Become The Boss - How new managers become successful managers".

As a business author, it's sometimes hard to find promotional ideas that have not been done to death. I'd appreciate your thoughts and advice. So far I've arranged a book launch (sponsored); reviews (41); listing on various websites (I'd appreciate advice on good sites for business books). As the book is designed for people moving into their first management/supervisory role, generally from a professional/technical background, one obvious avenue is professional associations. If you are a member of such an organisation, I'd very much appreciate an introduction.

Look forward to hearing your ideas. Check out my website at Delete Comment

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Hi Bob,

A book on good management and supervisory practices should be mandatory reading for I.T. professionals looking to move into management. It has been my experience that technical experts generally possess a different skill set, not necessarily compatible with good supervisory and management practices.

I received some interesting advice on book promotion, and I would like to pass it along. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX when promoting your book. Look at different venues besides the traditional ones such as ads and Internet. Since yours is a business book, go to business venues. Go to places where the managers (and manager wannabes) go -- attend I.T. and business conferences/retreats (with permission, of course) and set up a booth for your book, deliver seminars/workshops to I.T. professionals. Partnership with large headhunting firms. Target the government, which has hordes of I.T. professionals wanting to move up the ladder to management positions.

Many thanks for your great ideas, Maureen. Much appreciated.
Your book sounds interesting. I have not been writing as long as other writers but I have learned much about the publishing industry and marketing. I have found that writing articles about the topic of your book brings increased exposure and recognition for your work. I have written over 80 articles on the topic of my book which is integrity. Several of these articles have been posted on the online site of American Chronicle. Articles are reviewed and approved and then posted. They send you notification when they are approved and are being accessed by readers. They have a family of 21 different sites which participate and post articles written by their registered authors. The title of my book is Integrity: Do You Have It? 2nd edition. The ISBN is 0741429160. You must have an account with them but it is free. In my first six months of posting articles I have received over 10,000 hits. The key is to have articles on topics that interest readers and have the right key words tagged to the article.

Since I began writing articles and having them posted on American Chronicle my name recognition, my book and my web site ( has gained much in the number of links to my site and the amount of search engine exposure I had. Other things I have done is I applied to become a registered expert on When I applied my experience and knowledge did not relate to any current categories. Therefore, when my application was approved they created a brand new category which related to my experience and expertise. Another thing which I continue to do is to participate in on a regular basis. This type of activity again gains exposure and recognition for my expertise.

This site and others like it are also great to gain exposure. By joining groups and participating in forum topics it gains exposure in the search engines and recognition for the information you provide. I have joined many other sites on the ning network through invitations from members on this site. All are a great source of communication with other writers of similar interest and knowledge.

Another great source of marketing is participating in writer’s forums of which there are many. I regularly participate and/or review information posted on They and others like them have free newsletters. The forum on the site is free but to post you must create an account which is also free.

Another site which would be a perfect fit for your book and any articles related to your subject is When you put this address in your search engine and it begins to load click on the ceo refresher link. I have articles posted on this site. If you join the organization you have more priority to get your articles published. I have joined and the expense is well worth the connections that are there between other members and you have access to archived information. They do book reviews and I have a review posted on the site. As implied this site offers links to many recognized companies and organizations that are at the management level of which your book relates.

On my site which is a resource of marketing information and opportunities I have links to many sites which offer information and opportunities to market your writing. I have links to writing newsletters and I also have a free download of my publishing experience which may have information which would be of interest in marketing efforts for your book. Another great benefit of having a site is to keep it current and also add information to it. Search engines love it when new information is continually posted to a web site. The more quality information that is provided and updated on a site increases the exposure for the site and helps it climb in the ranking. I feel that the ranking of any site is a good thing and helps to gain a perspective on how your efforts are achieving results. Another site which is good is If your site has information through searching it is a good indication that you are getting exposure through sources they track for activity.

If you need more information or want to communicate with me feel free to do so through this site or through my web site.

Hope this helps.
Hello Dennis,

Thanks for all the great tips. I have written over 30 articles, but that was before my book was published, so I'll have to get back into it again. I'll certainly have a look at all those sites you mentioned. I have just launched my own site for the book at
Dennis has given you great information, as he always does. Follow it. Article marketing is very powerful, but the key is to remember that for each article, you can change your "resource box" so that you point to different keywords. That way, when someone does a search in Google for "business" you can show up in the top results, but also for "management", "internet technology," or whatever keyword you want. There are methods to check which keyword are being used the most often in searches. I've got a list going on Article Directories that is over 200 right now (Marketing Websites) if you want a list.

There are numerous techniques to boosting your sites in the Search Engines so that they show up for a variety of keywords. You can also manipulate the Amazon searches so that your book shows up. Ect. Start with Dennis' advice, then move on. I can give information on manipulating Amazon or the Search Engines. if needed.

Director and Editor: Bauu Institute and Press
Publisher: New Great Books
Editor: Indigenous Issues Today
Many thanks Peter. Once again, some great advice. I am really amazed at how helpful people are being in regard to my request. I will be in touch in the future.


As say here the people who are visiting this site
are very helpful and wonderous . I keep visiting this
website daily .
I have published one poetry manuscript and out of 500 copies I
manage to sell 100 copies and gifted about 50 copies.
Presently I am writing scripts wish I have a site like this to sell my script
Thanks Padma,

Have a look at my site for the book


Hello again Dennis,

I have been following up some of your advice and have already posted my first article titled "Where have all the honest managers gone?" on American Chronicle at

Thanks for the great tip.


Hi Bob Selden ,
I visited your site and read the articles it was very good.
I was a Editor in a shipping newspaper and a subeditor in a tabaloid
so I read all subjects that I can.
However the managers in India will never interact . They will only point out mistakes
and call us fools . only there are rare instances where Manages offer constructive criticism
Hello Padma,

Yes, having worked with some Indian managers on my leadership programs, I do have an understanding of the management culture there. However, as you say there are some good ones and I believe they are becomong more numerous.

I am keen to promote my book in India and may be visiting a conference there in 2008. Do you know of any good management or business websites that would review my book, or where I could post articles?


Hai Bob Selden ,
Glad to know that you are visiting India I would like you to visit
Chennai my hometown and you are welcome to my place .
I think you can write to Business line of the Hindu Group. It is a
prestigious newspaper. You can than approach Business times .
I also personally will speak to these people if you want .
With your experience and talent I dont think it will be a difficult job .
They will happily give you a review. If you want me to act as a co ordinator I will do so
Pl write


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