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It's a very exciting time for me. I've just published my first book - "What To Do When You Become The Boss - How new managers become successful managers".

As a business author, it's sometimes hard to find promotional ideas that have not been done to death. I'd appreciate your thoughts and advice. So far I've arranged a book launch (sponsored); reviews (41); listing on various websites (I'd appreciate advice on good sites for business books). As the book is designed for people moving into their first management/supervisory role, generally from a professional/technical background, one obvious avenue is professional associations. If you are a member of such an organisation, I'd very much appreciate an introduction.

Look forward to hearing your ideas. Check out my website at Delete Comment

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Hello Sharon,

Thanks for the tip and access to your site. It does appear that your books are rsetricted to those about horses - is that correct?




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