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Anyone else us Startlogic for their website?

I've had no problems with my website which is hosted by StartLogic. It came with the capability to blog via WordPress. Things were great, until recently when SL moved their platform. Now, I'm not a true technical person~ I can design my own website when the forms are simple but can't write my own html or understand technical information so I can't tell you what it means to move their platform. All I know is that when it was moved a little over a week ago, I lost my blog. When you go to my website, and click on the blog page, you receive an error. I get the same error when I log onto my website administration which usually links me directly to WordPress. I have no record of my past posts. Even when I go to, it doesn't acknowledge my username/pass word. I'm totally stumped!

So here is what I know, I've featured 3 authors whos information can't be viewed right now because my blog isn't working, I have another author spotlight scheduled for this week which I can't seem to post, and I've been contacted to host more authors. I haven't answered those emails yet because I keep hoping that everything is going to clear up, but it hasn't.

So I'm wondering, does anyone else have this problem or have any idea how it can be fixed? I want to help those other authors out, not to mention promote myself. I did contact StartLogic's support but have yet to receive an answer.

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I would check with your host (StartLogic). By moving "platforms" they mean that they changed their server setup. In the process, it sounds like either they dropped your blog, or on the new platform they do not have wordpress abilities installed. Since you are hosting your wordpress blog on your site (and not via wordpress itself), StartLogic needs to have wordpress abilities installed on their new platform. Once they do, then you can reload your blog and things should be up and running again. You can also just host your blog via wordpress for free and point it to your There should be a feature for this on the wordpress dashboard. You can also do this with blogger blogs.

Hope this helps, good luck.


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