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I publish a free ezine called Messages From the Universe. It has over 1200 readers. I am looking for writers who wish write articles promoting their services, the books or their positive causes. Sorry this isn't a paying gig. If you go to my site at, you can see what I do. Those who are interested can email me at

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You are more than welcome to send me articles. I'll start pulling the ezine together on Monday.
Are you still looking for writers, Theresa?
Most definitely. I'm working on May's issue. If you can get something to me in the next 48 hours, I'll put it in.
What "exactly" are you looking for us to submit?
I will check out your web site. My book , In Silence, Discovering Self through Mediation is being released this fall and contains many 'messages' and insights that I have received during my meditations. It is for those seeking to learn how to meditate and receive spiritual guidance and ancient wisdom. I would be interested in sharing with your magazines.
did i miss something. i went to your site here; but didn't see anything like a newsletter or recent articles and such?
It's on both the front and second pages. It's called Messages From the Universe. What I'm looking for is any positive or healing information...or book press release. I used to be able to send out the address to the pdf file, but yahoo changed the system. Which really sucks. My site address is You will see the box on the first page and it will take you to the second. The actual issue is part way down on the left.
Thanks Theresa, will take a look and might just take you up on that !
Best of luck with your magazine Theresa.

I have a short story collection, Heads & Tales. it's collection of 28 short stories in the genres of horror, comedy, thriller, science fiction and romance.

I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for, but it you're interested, I can send you a press release and cover image for promotion on the magazine.

Best regards,
Karina Kantas
Karina, sure. Send me 350-400 words by the 20th and it'll be in the June's issue.
Will do.

I wanted to ask you something else. I'm going to be working on a screen play this summer, I've never written one before. I took a look at Never Say Goodbye and would like to know, do you use a script writing software and if so, which one?

Many thanks


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