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I have written and published three books about city crime. And I'm proud of all of them. I'm now working on a adult parenting book. I have had this flash to do a Children's book. It could only add to my resume. However, I am a single parent and that may be my experience. I have heard that writing a children's book can be more difficult than any other. Is that true?

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I've heard that writing a children's book is more difficult than any other. I suppose that is because of how many people are trying to get their children's book noticed. There are only so many stories you can write about for children, while other books tend to be a bigger audience.

Good luck!
I think that writing a children's book is a lot easier to write than 400 hundred page novel. And having a small child of my own helps a lot. However, finding a traditional publisher can be difficult. You are right, there are people writing kids books, also that makes it a bit harder. Editors and their desks are over flowing with manuscripts. But like anything, the writer hangs in there and hopes for the best. Stories are re-worked all the time. Talent is a big plus. Thanks.
As you say writing is easy finding a publisher or an agent
to maket your work is really frustrating . I am doing my damn best to sell scripts but
it is a tough job
Yeah, I use to thing that writing was the hardest part. Boy was I wrong!! trying to find an agent is unbelievable. You are rejected before you even send out your work. Finding publisher is actually easier than finding an agent to look at your work. When You do luck up and find an agent. Most of time it's someone who is going to charge you time and time again. or someone who is not going to work hard at selling your work. And that's not good. Keep looking. Thanks.
Hello, I am amandah and I am trying to help my Husband Hugh Harrison who has self published his first ever childrens book, We are really in a mess and trying to recoupe monies. This saturday our local wh smith and son are allowing us to have a book signing The book is also available online but we have got all the copies. Its called The Adventures of Rufus the red. By Penpress ISBN is 9781906206543 Any advise would be so welcome Next week the local BBC southern counties radio will be interviewing Hugh live on air. at Regards AmandaHarrison
Hello, I am amanda and Hugh my Disabled Husband has written his first ever childrens book. The Adventures of Rufus the red. But we now find that its difficult to sell it as we went self publishing ( Never again ) As we live in the uk its awkward to find outlets and we have had to self market the book our selves. The Book is only £4.99 plus postage but it a tough life out there.So My Husband is now writing an adults book now. Regards amanda


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