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I am interested to see if any of you have had positive experiences promoting your book(s) on Social Networks.

The following reprinted with permission from "The Book Marketing Expert newsletter," a free ezine offering book promotion and publicity tips and techniques.

Layperson's Guide to Social Networks
With all the talk about MySpace, Facebook and a million other social networking sites it's starting to get confusing, don't you think? Well here's a quick guide on where you should be and which social networking sites to avoid:

MySpace: Ok if you're a garage band. No, seriously, try Facebook first. Facebook makes MySpace feel like you're riding a Vespa - with all due respect to our Vespa lovers out there.

Facebook: Simply fabulous, need I say more?

Linkedin: A bit hoity-toity but ok, not as many applications as Facebook, but a good place to get listed and to link to other folks you know or want to get to know. Strictly for the business professional.

Plaxo: Run fast, run far. While Plaxo might be a nice way to keep track of your contacts, it's not even in the running for a social networking site, although the powers at be at Plaxo would have you think otherwise.

Twitter: While this is a great micro-blogging site, its social networking applications (of which there are few) don't really live up to it being a good social networking platform. Still, you can Twitter and follow other "tweets" and make friends and share information. A good place to be.

Orkut: What? Oh, yeah, I was on here once. I think. I can't recall. Avoid it.

I have been a member of for about a week. Despite what is said above, I can not figure out how to promote my book. Any suggestions?

It seems you need Friends, lots of them, so if you are a member of Facebook and want to connect, send me (Roger Ellerton) an invitation.

I have discovered one interesting tool at Facebook, it is called ‘I Endorse’. With this feature, those people who have read your book(s) can write an endorsement of you or your book that is viewed by others and hopefully generates some discussion and interest for your work.

If you are interested to see what it looks like, see my profile at or go directly here to learn more about ‘I Endorse’.


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