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In regards to short stories on

To everyone who has helped and are still helping in this endeavor, I express my sincere thanks. All 6 of my stories are doing very well. Two of them are being held back as late releases (Werewolf Made and This Dreadful Deed) so they do not yet appear for ranking purpose, but will soon, I am told. They are still posted however and appear in the Amazon listing and the book listings – just not under the Amazon’s Shorts listing.

In the Short Stories Bestseller’s List the four that are there now list as follows:

Out of 3618 total listed stories:

Night Wind – 205
Double Cross – 216
The Ancients – 296
Creation of the Gad Fly – 298

They all appear on the Hot New Release Top 100 list as well, ranging from 24th to 45th.

That’s not bad for being posted for less than three weeks now. I’m very excited as you can imagine.

If you haven’t read and reviewed the stories yet – please do – I need your help. It will help to raise them in the rankings and you all know how that will help me in the long run with my new upcoming book, The Tale of Karryn.



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