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I'm now working on two different manuscripts. And what I like most is dialogue. Conversation between my characters is just awesome to me. And it's fun. Putting words into their mouths makes my day. After some editing and everything comes together it is such a thrill. I would like to get some other feedback on adding dialogue.

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This seems the most difficult for me. I would love advice on how other authors manage this feat. Thanks, George, for the thread.
hi george,

i'm like you, i find doing dialog rather easy. in fact i have been told that it is often the best part of my writing. i have even had whole sections that was straight dialog then have to go back and put the scene in.

susie - try writing dialog as if one or more of the characters, that you are one of the characters as oppose to overhearing it. this might make it easier if you picture the character is actually talking to you. hope this helps.
i just came across this blog post. granted it is talking about writing in general and how to keep the energy of the story going by turning off the internal editor and just get it down but i think it definitely applied to dialog more so than scene or world building because you make think if the character saying one thing then you would backtrack as if not sure they would actually say those words or even a particular way. that maybe why doing dialoge is so hard for some. maybe just getting it down first then worry about how they may say it later on in the editing time may help.

so check it out and see what you think/
I think that my problem is I am trying to make it perfect as I am writing it. I am trying to make the corrections as I go along. My non-fiction needed very, very little editing and I am finding in writing fiction it isn't coming the same way as the non-fiction did. I have a feeling I am going to need some extensive editing with the fiction. *grin*

Thanks, Deborah, for the input!
For me writing dialogue seems to be easy
but as I an indian I write dialogues like prose
Being a script writer I am rapped so it is a problem


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