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I've had no success with online book marketing. I was told that "referrals" is the answer, but I don't know how to get referrals. website address is: - John

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Hi John,

I am sorry to hear you have the blues. For internet marketing to work you have to build relationships. You website needs to be set up to collect visitors that want to receive information from you. An example is a page like

I hope this helps.

Here's some articles I have written on the subject:
Most of my online book marketing is done *in person*--I tend to spend a lot of time on readers' groups being entertaining (and friendly) and do a lot of chats and PAs when possible.
I've been sending my press release out to all the public libraries in my country and I've been corresponding on forums that are relevant to my subject matter. So far this is actually working. My average in sale is now 2 books per week. I thought I'd get no sales so I'm happy and am hoping the sales will increase.

Hope this helps you :)


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